Saturday, June 1, 2013

Randy, Couldn't You Find I-55?

The big, Pussywillow, Massachusetts intimidation squad is here! That's it! I'm running as an (I). Got a blow torch for the Kennedy Library plumbers? I'm from Missouri, and I don't play little games when I've been TORTURED BY ROTTEN DEMOCRATS. I'm planning a big "cop meeting," Caroline. And my plumber on 911 St. Rita Avenue in Clayton, Missouri said: "What you've got holds water." Yeeeeeha!

- Bikers will kill you.
- CHP will kill you.
- "The Cops" will kill you.
- The homeless will kill you.
- Girls I know too well will kill you.
- Miscellaneous mafia will kill you.
- Hughes will kill you, too!*

How shall I say this? I won't. Too crazy!
Here is your clue and brief true story.
I'm here to tell you former Acting Governor of Missouri Roger Wilson is no crook. How do I know? I met the guy at Mel Carnahan's funeral. As it turns out, I think that's not the first State Funeral or dinner I'm attending, if 'ya get what I mean. Roger was "set-up" to "cover-up" what, aviators? I read the NTSB report. It's legal to do so, spies and "operatives." Did the aircraft go down on the farm where that guy chased me with a shotgun? See why I'm not a "cop caller?" Ask "Crazy Ben," he knows. 

*With a legally credible threat and the big gun I'm buying at a kinda unregulated gun show. In Dixon, baby! 

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