Sunday, September 15, 2013

Another Warning, and Where is My ON THE RECORD .gov Briefing?

Kicked out of Union Station LA Starbucks yet?
Not yet.
"Shooting" for a Noon departure.
"Okay," as Pete Conrad said with his Apollo Command Module under attack by crazed Nazis, not "lightning"...

I do not like what I am seeing/hearing. To wit:
--The video of Caroline Kennedy shaking hands was indeed removed. Your excuse?
--William Saxbee, a supposedly blameless Watergate Survivor bugged my Irwin Hall dorm room? Later, Mr. Edward Levi? Shortness of Breath (S.O.B) on my 58th birthday?  ARRESTS, OR CIVIL WAR? WWIII, Mister President Darkie? Not my problem--yet. If so, Let's rock! May I have my quickie training to blow your asses away? Terrorists, it's called an "airplane." No M-16 for me, GED shithead. I'm just excited about the upcoming war, and my 22 worthless cunt "girlfriends." Better show me Gayle Margherita, before someone gets hurt, Time Warner. CBS? Hopeless!
--A FRANK BACON lived upstairs? [Think WKRP's Venus Flytrap]
--The Kennedy Guard said what? "Gerald Ford's got two of 'em." We talking libraries or wayward nukes?
--OBAMA has tried to "Get Hughes" his entire life?
--My daddy was no socialist.
--My mamma was not black, but she may have worked for the State Department.
--John Kerry did not stop the bus and stare? That big Brahmin horse's ass. Want more? Where is my train fare,  nigger boy?
--I've reinterpreted my birth 58 years ago as the first MURDER ATTEMPT that failed, like all subsequent attempts to date black chicks and/or kill William V. (Me). 
--Can't fly a Typhoon and kill your worthless asses? Oh yes I can!! 
--In my St. Louis neighborhood we said, "Why waste a bullet on him?"
--Nuke? Never. Missiles? Where are they?
--Eight Golf Class nuclear warheads? Can't help you there.
--Howie got the whole sub, kids.
--Parked on a Studio City lot in an old R.V.? Yeeeha! 
--As my supervisor Ray joked to hint, "Hughes did it!"
"I said, 'Dad you are shitting me. You saw a Hole in One?' Yes, Charles told me of the sacred ceremony, where all four liars sign the score card. The 'Green Monster.' He played it, and when he talked about it, oh my God, I did not take any amphetamines while my late dad talked about golf. That said, the man could hit that ball, as could Howard Jr. Not the right guy? Get me on the golf course. Can't hit the damn ball. Yes, I tried, and ended up breaking daddy's eight iron over my knee. Bipolar? Not really. Not suitable for golf. Mr. Rich Hall took my tennis racket and put it on ABC? Not right! The photo of Caroline Kennedy watching me play tennis in Kentucky, please. I've got plenty of time, Rand Paul (R)-KY."
--Like on an NBC Fall line up spy show, "we" should wire-up William Hughes and watch a jet go off the boat deck from the jock's perspective. (Need loud audio & better headphones, too). Scariest video I've yet seen? Real U.S. Navy people talking just like my screenplay characters, like, "These are expensive airplanes. When we put one in the drink, a politician or two may call, because they are very, very expensive. Therefore, we sincerely hope the young man in question does not fuck the pooch today."  
--Bill Gardner, it's like this. We get the (I) for idiot thing going, after I drink my coffee in Geneva and read many musty old political books, learn how to ski like a rich guy, and...the begging, the pleading, and as I've said often in the State of California, "The best actors are not on the screen."
--Knocking my teeth out, "Mr. Gravity?" "Poorly understood," per the propaganda? Screw you! Fallen on the Red Line track yet? Sorry about the "accident," old gay & crazy spook.
--Hey kids? Let's watch poor Kennedy arrive at the book signing with a look on her face like, "I'm being killed today? Tomorrow?" It's all about "the look," boys. Me murdered momma read Look, not Time Warner's Life. Better "get it," before they kill your ass. I am not s0 authorized.
Confused? Don't be.

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