Sunday, September 8, 2013

Where's the Water Tower? Where Are My Missiles?

Not CNN. Where's that bipolar rodent TED TURNER?

California? Blasted into the Pacific Ocean.
Who agreed?
Sgt. Smith, for one.
He's a cop; you are not.
May I shake hands with Mr. Raytheon?

Base year for the Hancock Amendment is 1979?
Can the U. City cops open fire immediately if any CA kooks show?
I'll now watch Caroline Kennedy shake hands with strangers.
I knew she could do it!

C.I.A. bullshit! Lies! Lies! More lies! Let's listen to Barack for additional untruths on Tuesday night.
My SONY clock radio is where?
My SONY weather radio is where?
My SONY CD player is where?
Ambassador to where?

Where's the fire?
Shaking hands with the baggy pants boys?
We'll survive.

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