Friday, September 6, 2013

State Rep, not State Department

Kids, I sang the National Anthem in front of Chevron today and was not arrested. Let the media report that I only mumbled uncertain lyrics for a second or two, only changed keys once, and held that "braaaaaaaave" a good long time. Singing Girls, if you forget the song lyrics, and experience BrainJack, just depart and cry. Don't try to make up anything new.. It's a hard song to sing. Did I suggest a surprise drug test for every Los Angeles County Deputy and LAPD cop?

The kooks on bikes? As police? A distinction with no difference, in my Missouri mule opinion.

Why so mum at the JFK Library today? She really did hip check me off a musical chair chair. May or June, 1963? Ouch!! Who was the birthday girl? Wouldn't you like to know? F--- you!

I suggest Capri pants, sleeveless shirt, water soluble tattoo of a parrot on her neck, ripped canvas shoes, red hair dye, and..."She's a Desert Storm vet. A shell landed too close, she got a massive concussion, and she can't talk. Mute. Yep, can't talk at all. Got  a cig?"

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