Monday, September 2, 2013

Nice Bosnian Cannon

Facebook link broken. I did not talk to her in 1985 Massachusetts. I spoke with Caroline Kennedy briefly. As I recall, it was a semi-drunken rant about Reagan & Bush. Her comment? "Those guys won't be around forever." She was correct.

Still alive! (And my Facebook friend). He remembered, or was told I liked his show better than Carson, and I said, to Howard Hughes' son, my dad Charles, "How come they cancelled his show?" On what network? Mine? KLOS has notes for the mental health police y'all don't have. It's Interview time. For a job, or on the radio. AM radio. It was invented by an Italian. Got an agent for me? Not a "secret agent." Got an adviser? The SS cannot "double" as political aides. They can? I'll even stand for the National Anthem.  

The camera, you revolutionary fools! Late for your tea party? Kill a politician yet? I was allowed to pee in the gutter, because no one saw it.

Researching NASA lies homeless?
Writing books on Secret Service homeless?
Digging-in on ObamaCare regs homeless? 

Look up "roof" & "wall" in the dictionary, and suck my you-know-what.


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