Friday, October 25, 2013


Big, politically connected, former dictator & drug dealer. He's long been dining on your tax dollar in a Florida federal pen. Why? Sorry I know, but I'm Mr. Hughes, and you are not.

How about the story of the agranulocytosis crash, and by the way, where is "Neil?" ["Bill, you cannot ask two questions in one sentence. We are the UC- Berkeley CommieCops. Come with us."] ("No, get away from me! And I''ll have some niggahs from Berkeley, Missouri fuck up up but good!") The DMH Central office 1990 story? Free!!! "I was at a meeting at the Department of Mental Health, and I saw a guy with his head on the conference table asleep. I noticed he was drooling and asked why. A state official said, 'He's taking a new drug for schizophrenia.' My one-liner? 'I guess he won't hallucinate while sleeping'." When my first suppressed by the United States Government book is published, you can read all about how clozapine was not new--THEY LIED. Why was it shelved long ago? Too many dead bodies. How many after its re-release? Only God and the FDA know, and neither are talking about it.

Gang war upon my departure, Baca-Tanaka?
Not my problem.

3...2...1..."I have no idea."


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