Sunday, October 13, 2013

e-z Raintree Livin'

Before it burned to the ground--fast, LAFD. Real fast. 

A Saint Louis County, Missouri cop who looked exactly like my late dad, and I ignored the clue? Wow! The HUGHES clan is your enemy? You are insane!! The "Columbia clues?" No time for that, deadbeat. Let's deactivate those nukes and you can act like nothing happened, nothing was going on, spies. I'm overdue in Zurich since 1977. Don't worry about Baby Seal Team 6--they are likely fictitious, unlike my NAME. And your full name is?

Another case of, "What are you doing here?" today. Ah, but I'm getting better at whatever you'd like to call this. It sure isn't "work" as I define it. I said nothing, instead of a giveaway, "I've been looking for you." Who? What color was her car? What color was her doggie?No, I want to know where the gal in the VW Beetle went. Another "Catholic Worker Girl," she was, and likely still is. Y'all from St. Louis? You live on the East Side? Step aside, these are real LA gangstahs. Tamed, not neutered. Sauteed, not fried. Oh, no! The Demoncrat Mayor Mafia always, "Takes care of them," and who am I to argue? May I urinate indoors, deputy? Thanks!

Back to the fire story for the LA fireman, I went out there and figured, "They'll knock it down." Oh, no. More and more equipment from all of affordable North County came, and no matter how much water, it kept burning. I went inside to speak to Charles Edward Hughes several times, who was sitting calmly clipping out booze coupons. I think it was some sort of "Bush 41 Code," but we'll get to all of that later--IN FEDERAL COURT. Better get a copy of your original, live Birth Certificate, Secret Service punks!

<BLUM, where's the nuke?>

Finally, Charles got up and took a look. Did not say a word. Later, I was thinking the big-assed fire was going to jump to the next building, then ours. I believe I said something like, "I'm gonna haul my rock & roll albums out on to the lawn if this gets worse." To the best of my recollection, loquacious Charlie said, "Don't."

Back outside I went to wonder, "Was anybody home?" "Anybody dead in there?" Yes, I watched it burn to the ground. Later, like last week, I thought, mind-readers, "Hmmm, it's like the HHMI. They can stop the flame, or stop the effect of the water." Would you like your cancer stopped, or accelerated? Better find me an attorney in the State of Maryland. No? Go ahead and die--slowly. Try quack treatments that do not work. Smoke some pot with that "chemo," why don't you? Or, more likely, Bill Hughes will lay off the entire HHMI staff and sell the nutty Danish architecture building I visited in 2008. Yes, I saw my own medical institute. Yes, I saw Hughes Network Systems, and yes, Charlie Hughes had me drive on Germantown Road in Illinois.

Nauvoo, Illinois? Not tonight, except to note a former president had a middle name of "Fitzgerald," and it was Mr. Fitzgerald who said, "Hughes, you are not going on the Nauvoo trip." Dead at 17? Did not happen, CA kooks! Did Steph steal all of the 1973-1977 yearbooks out of Butler Library? Better not have! Mary Lou--an NSA obsession--worked in the same office? Where? Non mind-reading spies, you'll have to wait until we are all on TV for that factoid. Is Rosary High still standing? My GoogleSat says it is. New name? That damn nun may be headed to prison, girls. My novel legal theory? You want to to NOTHING until word of my death is received? I think that's a crime, Mr. Fake Eight Hundred Dollar an Hour Lawyer on the VC HSA office phone.

The AT&T man sat next to me, and you think you are "taking over?" Tell Uncle Bill all about your new world disorder. You can trust me--not. St. Louie quiz! "Where is the original Uncle Bill's Pancake restaurant? On KINGshighway. The South County location? When I go there, I'll miss Charlie Hughes. You'll be locked-up.

Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the City Council of Nauvoo that if any person or persons shall write or publish in said city any false statement or libel any or the citizens, for the purpose of exciting the public mind against the chartered privileges, peace, and good order of said city, or shall slander (according to the definition of slander or libel by Black­stone or Kent, or the act in the statute of' Illinois,) any portion of the inhabitants of said city, or bribe any portion of the citizens of said city for malicious purposes, or in any manner or form excite the prejudice of the community against any portion of the citizens of said city, for evil purpose, he, she, or they shall be deemed disturbers of the peace; and, upon conviction before the Mayor or Municipal Court, shall be fined in any sum not exceeding five hundred dollars, or imprisoned six months, or both, at the discretion of said Mayor or court.

Sec. 2. Be it further ordained that nothing in the foregoing section shall be so construed as to interfere with the right of any person to be tried by a jury of his vicinage, with the freedom of speech or the liberty of the press, according to the most liberal meaning of the Constitution, the dignity of freemen, the voice of truth, and the rules of virtue. 
Sec. 3. And be it further ordained that this ordinance shall be in force from and after its passage.


"Bill, you are off the topic again."
Not really, Mormons. The lady on the train said, "I'm a bad Mormon." Now, I'm buying Amtrak. New name? How about "Amtraxx?" Not too early to look for my .gov handout. [When the U.S. Government reopens for Obammy monkey business]. How many times do I have to say, "It's not racial," it's Watergate II, dummy. Got weed? I'll burn that shit up!!!!!


No spouse.
No crime.
No mental disorder.
No way to steal my OIL COMPANY.
GM got AC Delco.
Where did the rest go?
Did Hillary save the receipt for that bullcrap "missile shield?"

"President Clinton, I am honored to begin the big DNI mud toss. Excuse me, I mean confirmation hearings. I'm sure I'll sail through, like my buddy Caroline."
"I do not know where Vice President Hughes is, and I'll field any question that is not about my Vice President."
- Caroline Kennedy
~~then they get the video--like one of my unsold, not for sale screenplays~~
Can you see the Soviet, excuse me, Russian sub?
Me on the deck of the "other one?"
AUDIO, please...
"What the fuck are you doing following me around? Wanna get nuked, motherfucker? Get your asses away from me! Get gone!"

Demented adults and "Lost Generation" PodBrains, I'm 58 years-old, and what did I say to a young woman this evening who did not "Call the cops?"

"I'm Howard Hughes' grandson, and trying to get out of being president" (of the U.S.). You are jealous/envious of this? It will take a APA psychiatric committee a long time to think of a name for what is wrong with you. Sorry I already know.

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