Sunday, October 20, 2013

Political Boob I'm Not

A SONG ABOUT "SLIDERS" I'D NEVER HEARD? HOW NUTS ARE THEY IN CA? JEALOUS ABOUT EVENTS THAT HAVE NOT OCCURRED? MAY NEVER OCCUR? THAT'S NUTS!! Lern dearest, I previewed some Stampeders (a Canadian band), but the LP's have not stood the test of time. Kinda dated. U-man will play some anyway, that aged kook who once gave me really bad albums out the Crestwood studio window. I can't prove it, because KSHE was throwing them in the trash, and I did as well. Navy Dumpster-Diving frogmen may have found them and put them with the rest of my dad's trash, however. How to word the FOIA? Is there a lawyer in the house? Help! Help!     

Okay, let's quote the U.S. con~stitution before all free server time & space postings on the .mil Internet. What did I say to my hand with great effect yesterday? "I'll lay you all off. DARPA, NSA, CIA, DIA, FBI--all of you cocksuckers." What else? "There used to be two branches of the military. I could call a General. 'Anybody attacking us today?' 'No, sir,' I'd hear. The Navy? 'Admiral, any invading forces spotted?' 'No, sir,' he'd say."

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to report I am being allowed to listen to Hillary Clinton's victory speech from the 2008 New Hampshire Presidential Primary. I was there, pinned-down by some sort of political/drug gangsters. So, since the KABC 790 GOP's taught me to "Go in cold...without a plan," I will now complain about my 16 vote experience.  

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