Friday, October 18, 2013

Hughes Family Big Oil Customer History

My house at 1401 Crawford Street is gone? Where is the Bush ranch? Son, you are in trouble, not me. The cross street is Leeland? The Toyota Center is there now? Dear God, "W" will probably do that ad as scripted.

His line is?

"Where 'ya goin' with that thing, Hughes?"  

Charlie Hughes went to no other gas station in the days of the leased white Impala. 35.9 as I recall when we paid 29.9 at Mars. Yes, the gas station was called "Mars."Later, after Jimmy Carter's gas lines and big price increases, it changed to...

...SLU Care, the name of the doc who called my physical exhaustion and near death "malaise." I got the joke in real-time. Dear old late dad ended his gas buying days at Shell. "Bill check the price of gas on the way over," he'd say. You'd think I'd get the hint with all of the dissertations about oil and oil refineries. I denied, Dr. Freud, by figuring the info came from the Wall Street Journal. After I told him my 9/11 theory in the Old County Buffet air lock, I thought he'd never stop eating, kids. [Don't ask who came in and stared at us]. How about my Gangster Nation briefcase? Charlie Hughes asked, "Why are you guarding that briefcase?" I gave him the bibliography? Ouch! Published in New Zealand, right Obama? Copyright 2014, you good as impeached fascist white guy in disguise.

He put 89 octane in the Maxima at Shell? Now I know why. Pammy, we need to talk about that botched "hit." Maryland Heights Al & Leslie? In Mexico? Belgium? Australia? I remind all wise guys my Shell was a company store. Think South Africa nasty, boys. My Chevron is out of gas! I got on the phone and tried to help. The distributor is named what? Another case where I never saw the dad. Not good--for you, LA kook.

I bought bargain gas until the Shell at Big Bend & Manchester. It's still there, CA creeps. Then, I switched to...

The video of Gayle pumping gas, please. She's dead? Let me explain something to CA faggots & potheads. I'm coming back in either an old 737 or a Eurofighter/Typhoon. What did we say in North County, St. Louis? "You fuck with the bull, you get the horns." You spy-obsessed trust fund cases do not seem to appreciate the danger. Personally, I hope for a nuking or conventional bombing daily. YOU PEOPLE ARE SO MENTALLY ILL, WE NEED A NEW DIAGNOSTIC MANUAL.

Later, I asked what the new name meant. On I-24, no lie. I'm walking past a gal on a cell phone at 3 a.m. or so, and she says? "I'm here watching PB and John." I'm John Lennon? You are dying today. Tomorrow? The next day, Ruskie?

The black folk at work said it's all crude from the USA. I figured not, and now? It's my own oil? Bye! I may come back from the EU, I may not. How long ago did I fire the oil company? By mail, VC sheriff. 2010? Oh, it will stick. In Canada, they apparently already think I'm the boss. Do I have to tape my calls again, thugs? Cops? Oh, you're already listening, listening, listening...

Ready for the Manchester, NH Library front steps?

"What the hell has become of your country when the cops think they are spies and the spies think they are cops?"

Soldier/Sailor/Airman, I'm just not wrong!!

Who said it?
"Up here, we think [Barock Obama's] kind of nuts."

a. Planned Parenthood

b. Narcotics Anonymous
c. The JFK Library
d. Mayor Bloomberg

kshe Clue:
Caroline emits a sinister giggle when he's praised. As Quincy Jones wrote, "I heard that!"

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