Monday, October 28, 2013

Let's Talk About Willow & Talkheetna

Put a nuke in my attic, didn't 'ya? Joke's on you, as evidenced by the umbrella, and no, she will not write back until I can support her in the style to which she's too accustomed. 

All self-respecting right-wingers with more than one firearm in the house know when the FEMA troops come knocking, it's best to be in a bomb shelter with MRE's and plenty of ammo. They all know there are prison camps ready for real Americans to be stuffed like so many sweaty Palestinians where there will be no cable TV and you might have to wait for the potty, or to ultimately take a Nazi-style shower. You know, the one where it's your last need for conditioner.

When he fell ill they were afraid to kill him--much like me sleeping on the sidewalk in front of the "Old Town Train Station." In LA, you fools! BTW, I need to check that Emmis stock price.

My take on the "George Jetson" West Coast of USA is that somebody's idea of a utopian, bizarrely leftist society, aided by my Hughes Aircraft "toys," has gone, to borrow a word from the 1000 Oaks senior bingo queen, "haywire." That's putting it mildly. A spiraling descent to anarchy is your course, and the Europeans are about to tell Barack Hussein how downright dumb it was to listen to every human voice on Earth. What did I say to my obviously bugged Zip Code 63105 abode in 2005? "Hell, they've got enough computing power to drop a bug in every American home." Every voice on earth? (Not just on the phone, kids). Joke? "No wonder the C.I.A.'s budget went up so fast. Not long ago, none of them knew how to speak a second language." I know people who speak 6 or 7 languages, regionally adjusted for dialects? Oops! I must not be Howard's grandson. As that mother_ucker Putin said, "It's a bipolar world."As they said in old B&W Westerns, "Are 'ya fer us, or agin us?" [If only I could figure out who "us" is],

Willow, Alaska? My girls sang the song in the 1980's. This Hughes boy got the message, along with untangling that 9/11 mess in 2004. My, my, did Soldier Boy run fast to the library atlas. You should have been at my 911 Clayton apt. as I muttered, "Airstrip...suspicious buildings...a road for FEMA boy...and".....Lock-up the Lindenwood U. yearbooks! All that and more on my primitive GoogleSat, viewed with 56k dial-up. It worked fine, high-speed PodHeads! My nearly 10 year-old comment on Talkheetna, Alaska? "That's the one they'll use. Willow's a decoy." Pack your bags, Palin! "The troops" will be at your door shortly.

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