Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Prior to Running for the Bank

CHARLES EDWARD HUGHES, Howard Jr.'s son, and my dad, often used the term "scientist" derisively. You will be given 30 days notice, you are so important, or at least in your AIDS and nasty virus creating under cover of good science nutty minds.

HUGHES NETWORK, LLC? You scumbags get two weeks notice. The Maryland State Police and I will get your asses out of those buildings. [Sooner than you think, spy sluts].


I'm mentally ill? Take this, heathens!

The NASA-GIFTED coffee mug? Dad asked, "Why do you like that cup so much?" I KNEW NOTHING (Until I saw it on a NASA Houston console in a photo from 1969).

Jimmy Carter's tie? More than one Missouri bureaucrat asked, "Where'd you get that tie?" The 1991 Five Living Presidents Photo from Simi Valley? He's wearing it. Mine is in the soon found PENSKE TRUCK. Right Sheriff Baca? Right!

The computer I'm typing on? I'm not disclosing who advised me to see the Bill Clinton video with this laptop in it. 

Need more "coincidences?"

Go straight to hell!!!

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