Friday, October 11, 2013

More for the Terrorists at FBI (Federal Bureau of Idiots)

LAFD, today's topic is Hughes Fire Suppression (If I'm not tossed from Starbucks due to some crazy person's behavior, not mine)

"Dad the building across the parking lot is on fire. Dad, I mean it's really engulfed. Dad, it's like, uh, going to burn to the ground, I think."

MORE LATER. GOTTA SEND SOME e-mail AND GET THE F--- OUT OF HERE!!!Okay fireman, here comes the "I want PAMELA BLUM and STEVE RUTHERFORD arrested NOW communication to Why? 

Why did the Wi-Fi go off just as I sent an e-mail to the Irish Consulate? People, Hughes is "done" with the USA. You cannot continue to treat me like a fugitive with no crime at all. Want to dream one up like China or Russia? Oh, you're spying for them? Sorry I'm sure of that. Your President is a Russian mole? Not my problem, soldier!

What did a simple man named JIM A. KYSOR say?

"It's like the one-armed man."

Get it? No? See The Fugitive.


**Why is e-mail related to long overdue MEDICAL CARE bouncing back? Homeland terrorists!!! Bye! Never, never, never. Man, did you spy-idiots screw this up. My theory? The FISA Board. So in FedPen, and who started that crazy shit? JOE KENNEDY. Go to a library with your pod off, kid. You might learn something breathing library dust. I did it for many years, and I can smell those musty EU books already.

See 'ya!

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