Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bowel Play

Ready? The late Gerald was where? I was on stage as Mr. Big Man on Campus. I gave them an intermission. In the lobby, I commented, "A lot of people are out there smoking." The guy in the center of the photo above put his hands out, palms facing me, and said, "Don't go out there." I said, "I don't smoke" and walked away. Ford as a lame duck in a theater? Too much! 100% Hughes! Ask Mr. Atkins for a 94.7 verification. Smoking his pipe in front of Heckyl & Jeckyl? Outrageous!!

Cardinals fans, I saw this and signaled "Home Run" in the Starbucks I'm closing down to get some WORK done, if my computer, as they said at the GOEBEL SENIOR ADULT CENTER "freezes up" again.
Since I probably won't have time to reply to "Ria" if she e-mailed to the 2016 Yahoo box, I'd like to state here I was first going to apologize for the way I sent her into the cold California a.m..
Did you hear me, bitch?
I'm not playing some rich kid game.
Any terror event yet?
How would I know?

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