Sunday, June 5, 2016

Biggest Military "Psy Op" in Human History

I'd love to share my e-mail to SETI a.k.a. "E.T. chasers."

I gather from my research on public computers, while tortured by the supposedly "covert" "psy op" team, that momma was from Venus and the late Charlie Hughes from Mars. FYI, I asked the United States Supreme Court what the number "9" meant to you E.T.-seeking psychotic but functional individuals, and they may have actually gotten the Certified Mail.

Gentlemen, I think the search for "E.T." is so critical, you may be LAWSUIT #999 when I am allowed to have the services of a goddamn lawyer. Not related to Howard Hughes? What did Charles Hughes say in about 2006 regarding CHARLES EVANS HUGHES as a relative? "Maybe you should look into that." I did, and the mail from Woodlawn Cemetery was stolen in Zip Code 63111. I called Susan & Rosa in the Bronx, and it was sent again. I am not doing this for identification documents in your big, bullying, internationally arrogant terror state.

As another aside, I actually witnessed two men in the STARBUCKS located at 33 N. Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, CA openly having a conversation about various races of E.T. they thought were populating our planet. If I talk like that, I'm said to need medication and/or detention, I have no doubt. How do they get away with it and be considered sane? They have MONEY. Later, at that same Starbucks I'd swear I saw Drew Barrymore pull up in a big black Audi. The proper procedure is to give the actress some space, and smoke a still legal cigarette. Later, when I dared go to the restroom with my laptop unguarded, her thugs left a $10 gift card for a juice place Mr. Letterman joked about, and for your further useless information, I was watching "live" the night she bared her considerable breasts on Letterman's desk. I guess she knew that somehow, thanks to the rampant public & private spying going on in your distinctly un-free nation.

DONALD TRUMP as president? With zero public sector experience? Insane!

HILLARY CLINTON? Same old shit!!!

May I purchase a yacht and hire a hot female to sail it to Nassau? As I often say of all HH-related drama, "I'm not re-inventing the wheel." 


William C. Hughes
Through the miracle of your totally worthless Internet, I just did!
Q: "What is the Internet good for?"
A: "Looking stuff up and selling shit."
Changing the world?
Not on the .mil internet son!


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