Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dear Hillary / Date: September 25, 2013

I cannot believe what I have been seeing on the streets of Los Angeles, and do not say it is because I am:

1. White

2. Raised Middle Class

3. Mentally ill

4. Never been homeless

Try five years of this crap, POTUS #42, and you'd curse and swear at Democrats, too. Republicans? Not my party, but if I am ever allowed to study Richard M. Nixon's presidency, I'd be even more convinced he was possibly the best in my lifetime, and maybe one of the best ever. Why did he and pappy Howard not get along? The way I see it, the battle was a "psy-op" war that could be summed up as, "Who's going nuts, the President or Hughes?" Same stuff since January, 2009 I here allege, and I do not seem to have billions or even millions of dollars to fight back. Beating the stuffing out of USA's entire intelligence community one dollar at a time? I've impressed myself, if not the idiots who do this type of work for a corrupt, murderous, dangerous to your liberty living.

Dick talked to the oil paintings looped on prescription drugs and alcohol; not Howard. Alas, William Jefferson Clinton, a staff member at your library gave it up you would be in Little Rock next week. Seems I got a greeting card from FL in 2001 as I functioned as cohabitant with my TN Air Force brat girlfriend. Bad stuff that was George W. Bush's problem followed. Since 2002, my life has literally gone into the gutter, while those who come near seem to get a NEW CAR, NEW COMPUTER, NEW JOB, NEW PROMOTION, DESIRABLE RELOCATION, AND NOW, THOUGH I LOVE HER DEARLY, CAROLINE KENNEDY IS OUR NEW AMBASSADOR TO JAPAN.

Could John Kerry send me as envoy to some god-forsaken place to be killed? Better than on the street starving to death in California with rich neo-Nazi brats watching, watching, watching me slowly die in East LA. Gosh by golly, the Texas Eagle train does not stop in Little Rock on the way to Jefferson City & Saint Louis. Got a 50 minute therapy hour, Mr. President?

I've got the U.S. twenty five cent pieces to follow-up on the last pay phone in downtown LA. 


William Charles Hughes

"Running only for Swiss Banks" 


p.s. If interlopers value their lives, do not ask, "How 'ya getting to St. Louis from Little Rock?" or "Where 'ya staying?" In the Little Rock Church Lady homeless shelter with "Bubba" living large on the non-profit payroll? No thanks! Don't get me ranting about "faith-based" social services, or maybe you want to hear it. Call me a "statist," but Al Gore's "privatization" does not work, and I've lived through it.
Her husband has bail money, so the campaign would roll on, Latin America style

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