Thursday, June 2, 2016

Think Pink!


Don't worry soldier, when Ms. Clinton is your president and the Chinese come ashore in San Francisco, her hubby will surely think fast. Perhaps Jerry Brown will want to stay yet another term and steal, steal, steal more from this Hughes.

Here's what you could do, Jerry. I hear the traffic is so bad, even by LA standards, when the Chinese come, advise the motorist/citizens to simply lock it, pocket the key, and listen to KLOS for further instructions. I know this is perfectly legal, thanks to:

Desertrain et al v. City of Los Angeles  No. 11-56957

On the plaintiff's name, it was the late Charles E. Hughes who often said, "Where 'ya from?" and this worked quite well for me looking like just another idiot on the streets of Chinatown. The kids don't know who Warren Beatty was? Holy cow! That meth is illegal, isn't it? I predict the Chinese troops will tire of trying to get through the gridlock, as do regular people who are silly enough to drive in LA, and simply go home.

Ms. Clinton can thank me in a place Howard liked. (Not Chicago)

The Energiser Bunny


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