Monday, June 13, 2016

Bobby's Here!

"In that administration, for some strange reason, I was the voice of experience, or the only voice of experience...I'm not sure whether that was a good thing or a bad thing. It was a mixed virtue, because that meant that in some sense I shared the contamination of the past and therefore my views, while they were interesting, and useful, had to be viewed with suspicion because they were views from the pre-1976 past."

- James Schlesinger
That's Jerry Ford in the middle, in more ways than one, BethMethHeads
When a member of the Kennedy clan shows, Bill is told, "Yes, you can pee. But you will stay in your room." Sorry, I saw Bob Maheu. Sorry, I saw James Schlesinger. I was trying to sleep with drunk adults in my house, but I'd swear I heard funny accents on our front porch. Did you make the ice cubes and argue with Charlie Hughes all day?

I dared to say, "Dad, you can buy a bag of ice." This made him very upset, and by the way, where did the our tan ice bucket go? Over at Dee's house, I was criticized for banging plastic from the ice tray on her kitchen sink. (Some crazy crap about germs). I believe I said, "Make your own fucking ice" and retired to my teenager bedroom.  And, I think I erased the tape of Margaret and Charlie's party. Bob himself said, "Charlie! He's running tape in here!" BUSTED.

Future pointless ranting over Orlando is in process, like:

"On another GS4 outing, I recall saying, also around 4 a.m., 'Don’t you ever talk to big drunk psychotic guys like that again. I’m not getting my ass kicked over your stupid shit'."

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