Sunday, June 5, 2016

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The president should be proud of his home state homeless mob.
Too cold to be made homeless by Illuminati there!



Homeless Support –

In about 1997, I read a dry technical book, I believe authored by a guy from England, simply titled “The Homeless.” Though a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and certified “Dudley Doright” liberal writing a book, I’d end up homeless myself. Why? This nation has military operatives on active duty teamed up with your CI.A. running wild in USA. If “on the street,” they will conduct their psychological operations right in front of cops. They will seal, steal, steal. They will overtly threaten your life. They will indeed murder you in your corrupt Homeland. What did I do as “just a sane guy related to Howard named Hughes?” I heard the most experienced “Senior Bum” on Alameda Avenue in LA loud and clear when he simply said, “Trust us.”

How about you provide some stats on the flood of newly homeless the Obama administration tries to paper-over with rosy and highly “fudged” economic outlook reports? When Ronald Reagan employed this tactic during his recession, the New York Times went nuts, and the “nuts” slept in my Wisconsin driveway. Reagan was the “Teflon President?” Could an editorial cartoonist draw me a black frying pan with Obama’s face on it? Or, how about some accurate numbers on homeless since January, 2009? It is not a coincidence that is when it happened to me after being shot with microwave energy in a motel room. Yes, this president needs a fair trial and prison time. I’m so sorry he is a “person of color.” I was not allowed to vote for someone else in 2008, have not voted since 2006, and would refuse to vote for Trump or Clinton if you handed me a ballot.

Statistics, please! 


William Charles Hughes   

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