Monday, June 27, 2016

Out of bandwidth at the EU internet cafe?

"Last night, the Invisible Cities show was taken far too seriously by a  reportedly rogue North Korean military officer, who without authorization, fired a..." "We go now to Secretary Kerry for further..."


Mr. Walker –

The DMH wilderness begins to be wandered when my Northrup Grumman contact allowed me to use his cell phone in front of the pay phone at 1375 E. Janss Road. This is not in St. Charles County. It was, however, right next to where the two Hilton girls were seen dancing while their bodyguard strutted that “Let’s get out of here” walk. About a year later, my contact showed me how his surgeon had botched his surgery and thus his human waste was quite visible. Know now that I asked him this: “Did you tell younger engineers about me?” He said he had. Today, I am sure he is dead. Does anyone else in your organization scheme about a hostile takeover of Boeing?

Among many aerospace stories, he told me he had to function as caretaker for a spouse with physical ailments and a son with Schizophrenia. And you don’t think I’m filing a lawsuit against the St. Louis organized crime bastard renting property who called me a “Schizophrenic?” Think again, Dar. The day I called Dr. Gowdy, DMH hide & seek had begun. Why did it take two years to find that three people I could have just about immediately replaced had retired as Forensic Case Monitors? (Dick, Ron, & Dee).

If I had a shred of HELP in late 2012 or late 2013, I would have accepted such a job, but how am I to know of it with no transportation, no phone, and no computer? From so-called friends and family members I received straight-up refusals to drive to Jefferson City, Missouri. Why? For one, my maternal grandmother’s death record tells a big story, as does “grandmother” Helen’s. NOT ONE DOUMENT IN THREE YEARS. Why not?

The answer is contained in a response from the Northup man. Many “Hollywood youth” thought I could run for president like any of the others we’ve seen fall by the wayside. When I spoke of this to him, this is how I will always remember him. As he went around a corner with his dog, he held his thumb and finger close together and said, “You need a little more work.” Get it?

To the point after another preamble you may share if you like, if I don’t find out soon who was at your meeting in Richmond Heights wearing a Saint Louis County Captain uniform, I’m seeking somebody’s arrest at your organization. Maybe it’s you, because I’ve continued to see this retired police official and dangerous nut near this motel where I remain stuck. And FYI, if I prove in this lifetime that rather obvious genetic link to the guy they called “HH,” my single issue billions of dollars would be spent on is: Strike-out the Second Amendment. Why? I grew up here, and I am tired of the same news stories about the cop who shot someone without any accountability whatsoever, and as for shot cops, I went ballistic over the one killed in Houston.

Want text from a writer? Typically, you have to pay for it.

 "Sarge, it's not Bill Hughes. Just a dude who looks like him."

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