Saturday, August 31, 2013

I've Lost the Event Timer a.k.a. Dollar Tree watch, Samsung phone

As my murdered mom said, "What a handsome devil." Grandpa Howard, not Issa.

Quoting astronauts? Against the California Code!
I, William Charles Hughes, have lost my last shed of patience with this lawless crap, and I'm normally a very patient man.
The F-18, no doubt against a regulation helmet says what?
"Could you watch my stuff while I kill this asshole in front of a deputy?"
Obama resign yet?

Watergate II or WWIII?
Never up to me.

NASA, thanks for the new audio.
They made it back?
How bad is it?
So bad they are laughing--like I do often.

"Liftoff, rotgut."

"Man, oh man."
"If that's not a CIA underachiever."

HOLD ON! This is not space travel lingo. What the file contains, NSA, is the equivalent of the CAB-1 type "Black Box" audio I listen to, and you are at a barbecue drinking Miller/Coors? Enjoy your holiday, and be sure to destroy the labor movement even more, as I rejoiced at being allowed to have a bowel movement in Garcetti's train station, even with no toilet paper in my stall. Yes, the homeless man knows to always have some in a big, crazed, dirty, winter coat during the LA summer. Go to hell! Eat fresh excrement and die! Do I ever love California under sick in the head Democrats, and I used to be one of them. Someone is coming for me--not "The cops."

Due to some Apollo Command Module "spy talk," I now wonder what the hell was going on. Dick Nixon is there. It's supposedly a lighting strike. Is there anything wrong at all? Fake a crisis? Fake a fire on the Moon? Why? It's all about me, baby! And, I've got nothing better to do than play the recording again. You want something of me? Sorry, you can eat fresh, hot, plutonium, soldier/spy/slut. Frankly, my dear, I'd rather sit on the ground floor of my Irish hotel than get elected and nuke your asses. The House of Commons AKG microphone is open to me? Why was Winston Churchill in Missouri, of all places? Many of my family public records are there. {Livingston, MO--Memphis, MO} I almost attended Westminster College? NOT AMUSING. YOUR DAY TO DIE? I'M OUT IN SIX WEEKS, MOTHERFUCKER!! YOU STAY DEAD. No greater righteous "trouble" in the history of Western Civ. "Beavis" won't be in London, but if he showed, I'd not be concerned. HIs signature line? "Aw, quit fucking with William." Like Lord of the Flies. Ready to get nuked?

"Here comes two."
"I think that finally got the ISS to low voltage."

GOT ESP? There is no International Space Station yet (ISS), but as I often say, "They're plotters & planners." And I blew that sucker up in a screenplay? Let's see if I can find it. As a guy I called "Lowell, Massachusetts" said, "If only I could find the right bag," and Sean is a man of many bags? I really did work for the mental health dept. I was not the patient. To "prove it," I called Dr. A. Ready?

"What does your husband do?"
"He's in the Marines."
"He's stationed in San Diego."
"That's a long commute." 


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