Saturday, May 28, 2016

Momorial Day Weakend

Don't worry Trumpists, it's not a photo of his motorcade post-attack, just a shot of displeased French refinery workers who can't tolerate high wages and cradle to the grave social insurance. Hey, how do you sign-up for that "public option" on ObammyCare? Dentist? If I fixed my teeth, I would not be able to blend-in with mountains of Missourah white trash.

Thanks for murdering granny at DePaul, soldier.
Thanks for killing mom, sailor.
Good job whacking Charlie, Shaw.
Doris died horribly, Mr. Marine.
Bob knew it was coming, Air Force.
Carol's "weird disease" many have come from HHMI, Steve.
Was most of your family murdered, Pam?

Don't ask that "overthrow question" when I own the hotel, State Department sluts.
You might not like the delays at America's airports, Rod.
C.I.A.? When will paranoid drug boys "get it?"
I said "No."
NSA = "Not Sure, Asshole"

From the Homeland mail bag:

Have a Great Weekend!
I wish I could be in several places at once, like a sci-fi movie. I will see if Ms. B---- will give me a phone number, because she mentioned she was going to submit her research somewhere, but I do not know to what she referred. As I said this morning, I thought she was in Delphi. Her location in Florida was news to me. 

To review her key points:

1. She apparently thinks we are related, thanks to your "William Hughes" in Carroll County.
2. She does not think the Carroll County William is related to Howard Robard Hughes Jr. a.k.a "The Aviator." I have the research and misery due to criminal gangs since at least 2004 that indicates these gentlemen are indeed related.
3. Is anyone ready to say I'm not related to my murdered by the United States Government mother?
4. How about the POSITIVE DNA TEST in Houston that will come to be if L---- S------ from the oil company gets on an American Airlines flight and visits to H-E-L-P.
5. It does not match? There is almost no need for the science to establish "clear & convincing" evidence through photos that were illegally seized, along with computers, phones, a camera, and everything I've ever owned. I committed a crime? No, it is the U.S. intelligence community and their rotten, paid well THUGS, many of whom came into my life as "friends." Bullcrap!
6. How about a St. Louis County judge helps me prove my grandmother of record HELEN BLAND is not a relative. Who was she? Howard's girlfriend! (One of many).
Angry? You bet! BTW, let's not have a civil war over my drill bit. It's the satellites? It sure as hell is not RKO, the studio that made some fairly decent movies, always labeled as "bad." Why? The Hughes Aircraft engineers were 20-40 years ahead of the competition, so the military started rumors we are from Mars, run around with E.T., etc. etc. etc.
BTW: The event/crash at Roswell, NM was NOT a craft from outer space, but I'd bet Howard Hughes' phone rang!! Mine seldom does.
Thanks for your reading time,

William Charles Hughes

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