Saturday, August 24, 2013

Belle Neighbors Grass Clippings

CA Number Kooks--it's Post 107

The arguments over---OBAMA RESIGN YET?

"Sorry about that."??? My imminent death? Nope, just more juvenile terrorists with an I-pod. I called the Chicago fbi office from a pay phone, and they had gone home early? Nope, here watching you, not me. Since I lived before in ancient Egypt as a Pharaoh  I know they are excited to be not setting up innocent A-rabs for a change. Real terrorists! We all share in the excitement, as I get ready for my two-week "murder" trial. Hung jury? Literally? Don't get carried away, boys. Death--it's permanent, son.

Back to 1970's #5 Forest Home arguments about bagging the grass, again I won the debate. What my dad, Howard Hughes' son, wanted was mulch, when we had no garden. I said, as a insubordinate teen, "Dad, those fucking bushes are half dead, and Jim could grab a rake, that big lazy ass." Next thing I knew, Jim was raking, and I was no longer carrying big bags of sort of wet grass long distances. The Lucido's know I am right, and where are the photos?


I mow, you rake. It was not rocket science. As for the cleaning #5 gutters debates, I can state Howard's son did in fact kick me in the butt. No cops were called. Lugging railroad ties on "Charlie's Chain Gang?" That's for KABC, if the bastards show. 


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