Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm Only Running for the Train

(I've already got a job, thanks. It is not rewriting NASA history, Chris, but thanks for the first denial).
Got a stamp?
August 19, 2013

Office of General Counsel
Federal Election Commission
999 E Street NW
Washington, DC  20463

William Charles Hughes
Homeless/No Address
Los Angeles, CA  90012

To Whom it Concerns at the Federal Election Commission:

On the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of USA’s Central Intelligence Agency, I filed a Political Action Committee (C00431841) and funded it with five-thousand dollars ($5,000) of my own money. The “plan” was to clown around as a Democrat candidate in the 2008 New Hampshire Presidential Primary and write a book. Instead, a real-life James Bond movie began, which must end now.

No mental disorder, no drug abuse, no crime committed, no espionage, and every scrap of property I’ve ever owned has been reduced to what sits at my feet in Starbucks—Union Station, Los Angeles. Financial instruments? Still there, I trust, but inaccessible. How many times, to deaf ears have I said, “You cannot access MONEY without a postal mailbox and telephone.” I have neither. My PAC? Again, no postage stamp and the Quarterly Report to inform you of $90 received is now going on two months late.

I may end up dead, and this letter is found on my donated IBM laptop. Not dead? How am I printing it out? When I arrived in California, I had two Brother laser printers, a Lexmark, and an HP. All gone. Where? I don’t think the FBI much cares. I do. Your political process in the United States? I don’t think I care any more. Why not? Too many days of sitting in the hot California sun dying slowly. Yes, I’ll live to see Barack Obama arrested and prosecuted for this carefully planned torture program run on me because he cannot hide behind Executive Privilege once out of office, or so a hopefully not overturned court decision said a few years back.

I’m a big believer in Administrative Law, and actually thought about becoming an Administrative Law Judge in 1982. Later, my Graduate School at the University of Wisconsin informed me my near 4.0 academic performance was not good enough, and out the door I went to cook clams at Howard Johnson’s. Oh, that memory of mine! Did the same Secret Service agent who handcuffed Sara Jane Moore tell me not to go outside with the smokers at a certain theatre? A defeated by Carter Jerry Ford in a theatre? I sure do get the joke way too late. More? On the fifth anniversary of John Hinckley shooting Ronald Reagan, I saw two guys with suits and wide ties walk in a diner. Who were they? Did a sneaky Reagan say, “He could have been a wide receiver, he ran so fast.” (From the Uzi that was really in my face on March 30, 1986). If I am correct about “Ford’s Theater” and the fifth anniversary Uzi event, that would mean that every president in my lifetime either took a look or was on the phone to someone near me. The long phone call, not in the flesh fellow? James Earl Carter. The rest took a look, and I did not think the limo was from a funeral parlor. I did not know what to make of it, and wondered, as I still do today, what the hell is going on?      

Down to electoral business here, my complaint is against the following politicians and their PACS: George W. Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barack Obama, Jerry Brown, and in particular, Diane Feinstein. Why the emphasis on Feinstein? She fancies herself an expert on intelligence matters, and I’m reasonably sure I am far too acquainted with one of her relatives, who shall remain unnamed in this communication. I simply cannot seek any federal office with the entire international intelligence apparatus breathing down my neck, and I am squarely blaming these politicians for the “dirty tricks” and mayhem that has plagued my life since may 5, 2008.

I have “Bipolar Affective Disorder?” “Schizophrenia?” “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?” Oh, so that is why I am sleeping upon filthy Los Angeles streets? Could you read my first book? Several literary agencies and publishers did. How many times have I said, regarding Howard, “Head injury, because grandpa made planes for the Army, and crashed them more than once.” Why was Bill Hughes a plane-watcher? Why do I watch F-22 & Typhoon video? Because I want one. And, the company would probably sell me an unarmed one with some pale bureaucrat’s permission. NASA? Let’s not go there on how from Apollo 11 onward, the name of the game in Houston and Kennedy Space Center was sabotage. Grandpa Howard tried to stop it. He was not responsible for it.

Still no news van? Now, I don’t care either. My political future, if I have time? Maybe governor, of which state I do not know, until someone asks me to run for office. Oddly enough, I’ve been addressed as “Mister  President” dozens of times in California, and if I wanted to be insulting, I’d say they all needed “rehab.” Some ended up there. Some more than once in my five largely wasted California years. I believe it was 1978—same year I bad-mouthed the Space Shuttle design—someone said I’d be accused of thinking I’m the President of the United States. I said, “Why the f--- would I think that?” Thirty-one years later, an angry woman in the Goebel Senior Adult Center said, “I got labeled, too.” When I inquired as what, “Substance abuse” was her two-word answer. I said no more.

My third book? Maybe I’m a prophet; I don’t know until I get the hell out of Los Angeles and find a literary agent. Not to divert from politics, but when four movie production company clues have been dropped lately, that does not buy a coffee refill, but 50 cents does. I’ll now find the photo of Howard Hughes Jr. looking bored while making a movie. Me? I need a pre-production year to supposedly be “depressed” like in 1987. Try to get in my door, and I’ll shoot your ass dead. Clear?

Most sincerely,

William Charles Hughes



DWIGHT EISENHOWER – I was under age 5, but my dad Charles Edward Hughes gave me a thick book about him. I read it. Where is it?

JOHN F. KENNEDY – Waldorf Astoria, Chicago, 1961.

LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON – Our Lady of Good Counsel, Fall, 1968.

RICHARD M. NIXON – St. Louis, Gateway Arch, August, 1969.

GERALD FORD – Lindenwood College, November, 1976.

JIMMY CARTER – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (on phone), June, 1977.

RONALD REAGAN – State Diner, Ithaca, NY, March 30, 1986. 

GEORGE H.W. BUSH – Tan Tar A, Lake Ozark, 1991.

BILL CLINTON – Air Force One/Ward 2W Lunch Line, Metropolitan Psychiatric Center, 1999

GEORGE W. BUSH – Opening Day, St. Louis Cardinal Season, 2005/Einstein’s Bagels, 2005/Panera Bread Company, 2006

BARACK OBAMA – Marine One, Thousand Oaks, California, 2011.

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