Friday, August 2, 2013

Don't 'ya Hate That?

One minute I'm laughing at my screenplay by visualizing the great and thoroughly attainable HILTON-LOHAN-BULLOCK trio uttering my lines, but "they" just had to turn off the Wi-Fi as I sought news from home about an autistic kid stuck in a closet (original thinking in Missouri). has a sore server, I'm there so much in CA captivity. This led to a threat to just listen to airplane crash audio instead of proof script and bash (R) & (D) equally on the Senate server.

Lo and behold! The Delta L-1011 went down where on today's date in 1985? I was working at an Ivy League school at that time, with a tall blond across the street where I was tempted to ask, "Are you a narc or Secret Service?" but did not. Because of this particular click, Hughes is now furious about how with an airplane in great distress, dumbass TX Tower keeps practically asking for a Tuna Sandwich headcount. Microburst in a T-storm? Don't think so!

Cosmically, this crunched aircraft is the one I may have flown sneakily over the Atlantic if I were not so HH clueless. No kids, I would not have heard the 1970's/1980's
18:05:49 GPWS Whoop Whoop Pull Up!

And what was that, sir? Bill Hughes always looks for that first sign of trouble in the lame, lying .gov transcript.

18:04:15 CAM-3 Fourteen, green.
18:04:18 CAM-2 There's lightning coming out of that one.
18:04:19 CAM-1 What?

134 dead, eh? The plane hit what? Comcast Man said what? The name of HughesScreenplay #11 is what? I just asked SW Airlines for what? The Dallas phone number they gave me is what? May I not use your phone? Who needs a phone? The martial arts instructor and dance instructor is the same gal? Got a sister? So that's why I can't leave! Good thing I watched Apollo 15 go up before the meth boys got out of their crack hotel beds. They are allowed to charge their phone as well, right Erin?

Back to Delta, I wonder where that Incident Report is for all of my 1977 flying in circles over Atlanta. I had falsely blamed Eastern. You'd think I'd get a clue when I'd hold airliners at the gate and a voice on the other end would say, "Need anything else today, Mister Hughes?" Same line at the TWA office?

Kill me now.
Kill me later. What happened? 
"Who are you?"
And the new New Hampshire Governor's name is?
May I take a vacation? 

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