Sunday, August 25, 2013

Snoopy's gone wild!!!

GO DOWN TO MEXICO? ME? It's what my late daddy called a "Bum steer."

SOLDIER SAID IT. DRUG SCUM SAID IT. I say, "Off with their heads!" The drug cartel guys, not you. GOT WEED? I gotta get to Switzerland, where it snows, snows, snows. The guy who said, in 1977, "The powder is awesome!" In prison for 20 years? I did not know that. "Bill, let's go get some pot." "Know where I could get some heroin?" Meet my "friends." They are not what they appear to be. Those were narcs bowing to me? I can't help it. I did not know that. Time to go!

Trouble on MAC Apollo #10 too? GOD DID NOT CREATE THE EARTH IN SEVEN, EXCUSE ME, SIX DAYS. WHO IS THE ENEMY? Gimmie a weapon, and I'll figure it out, Drugboy/Thugboy. Charlie Hughes did not write those books. I do.

Next, and I already told KABC. NASA = Need Another Space Agency: Real Space Program History from Howard's Grandson.

Drugs? The Union Station in LA was like "Drug Station" from 1990 on? Looks that way to me, but mafia(s) need not "Kill Bill," because I cannot prove this in a court of law, and as for the FBI, DEA, etc., they can take a flying dot gov fuck as I go to Europe and fail to return. Mormons? Drugs! Catholics? Drugs! Lutherans? Drugs! With my money? As we said in Thousand Oaks, "I'll fuck you up!" False. All mental health and drug allegations ascribed to me, William Charles Hughes, are false.

Comedy flick? Far from it. I should be good & dead, and despite no crimes committed, worthless Obama .gov troops just watch like bloodsucking niggahs. Reparations? Not on my watch over the Hughes Empire. Davos? I'm J.R., you idiots! Born in 1989? Watch Dallas on You Tube, like I'm going to, after I finish with Apollo 10. Office? I need an office. And a home, U.S. terrorists with tidy mini-mansions and paid on time mortgages.

YOU FUCKED UP BAD, AND CONSEQUENTLY, the rain will fall in Spain, and you may see skinny me on the Greek or French coast, looking plenty rich & eligible, girls. That's after I get my:
- Multivitamin (Dr. Victoria said Centrum or generic)
- 81 mg Aspirin (Running to Ralph's terrorists? Nope.)
- Niacin (For my slightly out of whack cholesterol. You got whacked by mafia? Too bad, as I know nothing of your wicked "drug shit").
- Primrose Oil (For my Royal bowels, and it calms me down a bit, too. Dead yet? Fucked up? Face re-arranged? Tonight, big boy!)

Who has been nice? Iranians. I could not have freed the 1979 hostages as Mr. C.I.A.? Ask H.W., and quit your game playing. Ambassador Hughes? Any sane President would have done that long ago, instead of trapping me in LA through the misuse of my own "George Jetson/Star Trek" technology. My dad called it "Buck Rogers." Same stuff, and no longer new or "secret."

Is it illegal to shout, "Obama is insane! The mayor is big mafia!" No, it is not. Offended? As they say in "VC," you must be getting your "cut." One rotten cop spoils the barrel, and as Russian spy Rosemary said after delivering a Grande Starbucks coffee and Cinnamon Roll, "They sure have enough cops around here."

As nasa Mission Control once said about fake lightning, "Amen!" Hughes in politics snarling stuff like, "I'm a Roman Catholic, and I do not go to church" won't go? The Canadian church group seemed to like it, as did the Dream Center. My transportation? CHP now thinks Alameda is the Freeway, so I'll try 800-TELL-CHP and suggest the cowpokes with a six-shooter were from Disney with a stolen car. Or, from the studio lot. Universal, perhaps? No "State Police" in yellow on the back? As I've said, "I'm not spying, I'm very observant."

Officer Walker? All 90 pounds of her, all the way home. Right Jerry? Her signature line? "This is our lot!" That's when Greg, "Beavis," Bob, Gio, Jordan, Chris, and all the guys allowed them to be there. Future interviewer, it's a long story. As Manic/Movie Mike said long ago, "They will have to make it a mini-series."

So true.


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