Saturday, August 10, 2013

Like I Need This, Too?

"Richard F. "Dick" Gordon orbited the moon on Apollo 12. Earlier, he helped astronauts learn how to spacewalk."

I fear is trying to tell us something. He didn't make it back, either? Later, he did what? Were you born in 1990? I suspiciously have landed at both of the Space Shuttle's old "ditch points," and I can count my flights on ten fingers. Your options with a fatally damaged Command Module and a LEM that caught fire on the way down are? Land and die. That's all.

I think, because it is still legal, that's why they sound kind of crazy, and the audio after he says the magic word ["fire"] fades out. Not wrong? Don't so much as look at me kookily until Monday morning, or...

Does anybody see this blog? I don't think I'm taking the train after all, NASA..

As bad as the SPENCER hints, those GORDON references.

Far left and far right nutcases? Just because they lie doesn't make me right.
May I go to the moon and see for myself, Pentygon?
Got 50 cents?

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