Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Here at Union Station LA to cough-cough and start a fight?
You will lose.
Apollo 12 upsets you?
The 1916 and 2000 election results keeping you awake?
No, that’s your damn meth/crank/crystal.
Big Drug War coming. Hot! Real hot!!
You lose.

Campaign promise #2: I will find and kill every member of the organization long known as the “Mafia.”
You are terrorists.
[By anyone’s definition]

First I have to get elected.
Make like Abe 2.0.
Tell D.O.J. lawyers to go to hell.
Get a Declaration of War.
And your full name is?


Can you spell it, DrugBoy/ThugBoy?

My Great Uncle won in 1916.
Right Gardner?
My count is 57 votes short in NH.
New York Times in 1916 said 68.
Let’s rock! Recount! Recount! Recount!
Get ready Roberts, John.
Can’t lend you an Excedrin—they stole mine.


p.s. New VC-25A model? Modest vehicle parked next to it. Don’t stare at my wallpaper, or I’ll “Cal the _____” in here. As ROSEMARY said, “They sure have enough cops around here.” 209 Billion on that garbage Endeavor and her sisters, parked where? I want my money back!

From the Sixth Street Digital Toaster: “It’s like a rock with wings. It glides down. Jesus Christ, you can’t even turn the engines back on. What a dumb idea.” – Me, (1978).

Source: The ChuckieTown Laundromat Popular Mechanics. I got briefers, too! They’ve been around a long time.  

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