Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Bill, why 'ya never coming back to the U.S.?"

See the date on that sucker?

The following comment was just posted on California Healthline in regards to the article:
Inmates' Attorneys Call for More Oversight of Prison Mental Care

06/20/13 - William Hughes
Sad it is that bureaucrats calculate the cost of a human life. Did I read "one inmate per week?" Holy Toledo! To this former Missouri mental health bureaucrat and heir to all property in California, Texas, and elsewhere with my name on it (HUGHES), I allege with a great deal of experience that if the Governor reported "no convincing evidence" of improvement, they are dying at the same rate. Release them prematurely? Not a good idea, and this liberal has been mugged often in California, yet espouses the same principles. Your problem(s) out here? Too many cops, too many ticky-tacky laws, and no mental health system. To the sociopath, this is both an invitation and waving a red cape at the bull. As an old St. Louis associate said, "You f--- with the bull, you get the horns."


All fixed, gigabyte fascists! Dinner? That would be a Payday Bar, Deputies. So healthy!

Chinatown? St. Louis, I'm rumbling in the real one--not a movie, and I am not ashamed to say the whores love me. In 2009 they said what? "Warren Beatty? We've never heard of him." An hour from Hollywood. I thought, "Why are you playing me like that?" I found out later--per usual.

Jack? I think he shadowed me, back before my car was intentionally wrecked. Yes, I heard  some gossip about Mr. Nicholson's neighbors. Not related to HH? Who the hell are you?

Jane Fonda? Did I ever like Klute. Where is my Sony DVD player, Sony? No movie deal. CEH "Mental Note" = buy a movie studio, stupid.

See me in Austin door-crashing AFF to rant about the excess of "spy crap" on your Mind Control Screen. The TX GOP will love it! 
I enjoyed Point of No Return. 
The Fonda cell phone number?
It was all legal on 11019.
You leaving yet, sir?
Cops here yet?

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