Thursday, August 29, 2013

Smashmouth or Shhhhh!???

Welcome to Schizodementiatown, USA.
The symptoms?
No public phones.
No public restrooms.
No public sector?

How to scare Hughes:
--Tell me I can't be governor of Missouri.
--Beat-up a black guy.
--Have a black guy threaten to beat me up over advocating for the black guy.
--Offer to interview me for a Sociology class I should be teaching.
--Did you follow that?

Where is this going?

"CHP, could you turn-on the goddamn cherries and drive fast to St. Louis before we all get blown-up by a motherf--king terrorist? Is this too much to ask?"

[They will treasure the audio]

Could you all shut up! {I will, too. Really, I will.}

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