Friday, November 27, 2015

Another WTC Collapse "Coincidence"

From Left to Right on 9/11:

“Not prudent for the Bin Laden family to undertake these activities.”

“That Hughes boy will make for a perfect patsy.”

“As long as the Navy is not implicated.”

“That is so far-fetched, can’t believe this came to my attention.”

“Bob, back when Pat wore a cloth coat, Margaret did too, by necessity, yet she calls me names. It’s because of Jack…and Bobby, isn’t it?” 

I’m sure Mr. Podhoretz can’t wait for the phone to ring at Commentary On Dysentery—a publication appealing primarily to suburban males in Tel Aviv whose training was more rigorous than John Brennan’s Ding-Dongs. I’m no conservative, and likely only one-eighth Jewish, but that was enough for West Coast Nazis to insult me and use the f-word while tossing objects that missed, except one girly-man rock that did not even hurt when it hit me on the leg.

How is it that a casino operator rakes in political “cred” for the lack of airplanes that supposedly strayed off course in September of 2001? This writer cherishes the audio from a fallen airliner in 2001 November, which featured a Captain saying, “Where are we?” Not in a vortex of turbulence from the jet in front of you. No, he’s too far out, and I’m not. My contemporaneous BBC page said they were over Staten Island. Wrong again at MI-6! Sorry pale GayBoys, that was Charlie Hughes’ dry cleaner in St. Louis.

Seems I was recently allowed to use that .mil .net in an attempt to get directions to a place in Texas. Google maps appeared to have been taken over by aliens from far away, not a mountainous region of Central America. MapQuest did not work right either, so perhaps it was an error, bad Army low intelligence joke, or a spying spanner that did not work. Ready, skeptics who went to a fine Indian subcontinent university before arriving with no hassle at LAX in 1998?

My current street name is also a thoroughfare in Texas. The problem, probably not for Bush 43? The name of the TOWN is the same as a 9/11 hijacker’s GIRLFRIEND. Let’s do the math, shall we?

Hughes’ Street + Texas Town + Hijacker Girlfriend = NO “COINCIDENCE”

Someone’s been HadleyStreeted. [That’s a subtle St. Louis joke, son]. It strikes me that many inside the Pentagon have nice uniforms and too few meaningful tasks that should lead to really, really dead terrorists. “Oh, let the French take care of it. I’ve got 18 holes to play with a think tank guy.” Didn’t the Hollywood Bum Corps all say, “They’ll be back to Iraq” before they ever left. No ESP, people, their families are rich and are told many newsworthy things that are left out of the “mainstream media.” [It matters not if the conglomerate is “liberal” or “conservative” when you are left not knowing JackShit™]

Radios, Radar, Microwaves, Infrared, Satellites, Computers, Magic Beams, and...
You could look out the window, too.

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