Thursday, November 19, 2015

From Left to Right

That's not her, blog fans. Who's that big dork?


Someday, those damn Jews will stop picking on nice Catholics with HIV like my secret buddy Mr. Estevez and make a movie about me? Oh, no! Mafia knows it’s all about “the family.” Mine is a fuc^ing disgrace, and I’m not talking about it.  Paris is rife with terror, but the not terribly “liberal” NaziNews cares about Emilio’s sexual adventures. Perhaps they are worried about him; I am not.

Want it quick, SpySluts?

Bob Bland took the training wheels off, not my alleged dad named “Hughes.” I was a block away when I looked over my shoulder and saw Bob with them in his U.S. Army hands. I’m still wondering how I did not feel the pliers. Magic!

Bob Maheu was at our house located to provide thousands of “Adelaide” clues. Visiting Aussies know it’s the exit off I-70. Meth-fired Morons & Mormons should go to any public library and see who had a spouse named Adelaide. In keeping with these sad facts, many are phoning-in to “Mr. Waverly” now that this Hughes has found a pic of Mr. Maheu. He’s the guy who discovered my 1966 bugging system and said, “What is this?” And, he yelled, “Charlie! He’s in here running tape!” [You still don’t know who you are talking to? Nuts! As we said in the 70’s, “Total insanity”] You were there when Charlie said, “Turn that off immediately.” No, you were not. Bob was hired by Howard a few months later. Must be another neo-Nazi “coincidence.”

Bob Hyland was kind enough to donate some computer gear to our college. CBS apparently did not need it any more, but the long held inside joke is that in the course of a Sociology research project, this Hughes ran the “Clanker Box.” It also launches your nuclear arsenal if Soldier Boy would not be so damn stingy with it. I can see a future USA overrun by rifle-toting barbarians, yet soldier will still say, “No sir, not today.” I think he’s afraid his mutt would develop a tumor, or possibly his Shop n Save milk would be slightly irradiated. Good thing the PAC is closing, because this Hughes would have gone down the “Bunny Hole” in Omaha and said, “General, let’s get a few things straight.”


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