Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Plane Crash? What Plane Crash?

"Birds of a feather flock together."

I do not have the time to list all of the reasons I do not think your government(s) tell much truth. I will, however, ask questions consistent with my State Hospital Ward H Office 07 nickname of “The Detective.”
       Were you in the Sinai and saw the jet break apart?
-         Are you an Egyptian soldier?
-         Are you reviewing the “Black Box” from the aircraft?
-         Are you a Russian aviation official in the tower?
-         Did you ice-down some body parts?
-         Did you see one of the “crash victims,” somewhere as I did?

“After brief review of the English press, there was no plane crash. A thirty second time out will be charged to the Israeli Dirty Tricks Team. Reset the game clock, please. First down!”

Why does Donald Trump not refer to aircraft when he speaks of the World Trade Center “collapse?” I’m allowed to call “Dorothy” and ask. May I have a copy of the engineering report that determined the demise of the WTC was an unlikely story? No spooks or narcs stalk them, I am sure. Will I ever find a publisher for my second book? There was only one chapter on 9/11. How about I read-up on United Airlines 232, per .gov authors of fiction? That was a real plane crash, son. I love it when the scanned into a .pdf file copy has witty comments scribbled on it questioning the veracity of your NTSB. Not everyone sees that copy? Treachery! The first air disaster I questioned occurred in Canada? That would figure, soldier. When? 1985, Lieutenant.

UA 232?

"The subsequent catastrophic disintegration of the disk resulted in the liberation of debris in a pattern of distribution and with energy levels that exceeded the level of protection provided by design features of the hydraulic systems that operate the DC-lo's flight controls."

[Not related to Howard Hughes? A random cut & paste found what in the NTSB report? Can someone at today's FAA tell me what a "DC-lo" is? SPARKY, this was not changed by any witchcraft or flying saucer beings. I merely put it in bold type. The typographical "errors" tell long tales, and this is why Mr. Hughes cannot get a ride to the freakin' airport. Is Captain Al still alive? I listen to his Sioux City "Goddammit!" daily, like a direct descendant should. Fox News van here yet? Not yet. I'd better call LA and ask about the delay.

11.05.2015 Addendum

Stop him! Stop him! He's reading the report! And what is that line all aviators should stay alive by from the "Bad Year for Bill" (1989)? 

"Get this thing down. We're in trouble."

Ted did not say that. May I have some video money? 

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