Sunday, November 1, 2015

Prince William Road #35? #26?

Looks like I need an official Indiana state road map. The state capital, weed hound? Did you drop out of one of Saint Louis’ fine public high schools? Where’s Onion & Mark when I need them?

We love living in the Soviet Union under different geographical designations.

They’ll all love the “Hughes Road Trip” from Ottawa to Bucharest. A high school teacher told me it could be done. Palin, don’t bomb the ferry.

ESP tells me Russian cops will be out in force in case the car starts. We left it there too long? I’ll be happy to pay the ticket.

Bill planned it all while in San Antonio. Doing what?

Fat, not terribly open-minded white guys rule, and have all of the answers. Not this time, dude. Only 6 cents a minute to Tokyo, girls. As a bonus, a telecom computer somewhere works! Even for Hughes!!

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