Sunday, November 15, 2015

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I voted for a dead man? (And later, Jean). Only in Missouri!
In VC County, Sgt. Schultz said, “You don’t need a hamburger; you need to get out of here.” [The CHP lot at 23 Freeway & Janss Road]

Guilty as charged! [Not me, the neocon, not at all liberal media]

Yes, it was an old feature in The New Republic, a political journal that leans left, but never passes up an inside the Beltway free meal from an expensive lobbyist, I am sure. This Hughes was a subscriber for much of the Reagan years, and never seriously considered a follow-through on the liberal’s threat of, “I’m moving to Canada!” The weekly graphic featured two news headlines with an opposite spin. Example: “President to Bomb Iran” vs. “Administration Seeks Peace Pact.” Which one is fact?    

Today’s USA is a “strange land,” according to Rev. Al Sharpton, not me. I thought it was The Nation that got you on neo-Nazi .mil “watch lists.” How can that be if it is the same Hamilton Fish that wanted USA in World War II fighting Hitler? He was the publisher of The Nation. Oh, I see, the rich and connected secretly like old Adolph to this drug gorked, freak-filled day.

The point here? According to the AOL news page, your dead American in Paris was a student guy with a beard, and the webpage featured a photo of him. The next day, WJR radio said it was a female from Long Beach, and played a sound byte of her mourners. What the hell is that? Do you believe what you see on the Internet? One of the reasons somebody feels compelled to illegally seize all of my property, especially computers, is I may well have saved a web page with a photo of a woman with whom I attended college. Her claim to Internet fame? She’s supposedly Barack Obama’s mother. No, I did not go to school with his white mom. The Saudi guys are a different story. It’s no secret I said, “I’m sure glad that guy wasn’t first born.” Hughes has an old buddy in there as King of Saudi Arabia? Same old shit, to wit: Is he dead, I’m dead, or we’re both dead by now?

Have a terror-free day!

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