Friday, November 13, 2015

That's a Rap

Suicide? No, Hughes already knows how.

Brain Cancer or Murder?

Let us count the dead, and when this Hughes gets into a court~room, there had better not be any:

Government Lincoln Towncars present
Guys with aviator sunglasses grinning

The allegations to be directed at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI):

--You invented AIDS to kill black people.
--You spread “weird diseases” that kill.
--You can remotely stimulate cancer(s).
--You have been sitting a cure for cancer for at least 20 years.
--Janelle Barker is related to a Watergate crook  (Name of your neo-nazi “farm,” plus name of the Nixon CREEP crook = D.O.J. of the future raid on Saint Louis University).
--Teresa Gerding got new teeth by lying about Hughes.
--The C-130 flying sideways at Scott AFB means? You Mormon Air Force boys are nuts, not Hughes.
--The F-15E’s flying sideways were not there, of course. USAF, I know the date of the funeral. I think they “misplaced” the radar data, right?
--I’m late for work? There’s the F-15’s. (Match timeclock data with radar data. Lost that too, DMH?) One can hardly blame “B.O.” for moving that kooky squadron far away from Saint Louis, Missouri.
--The B-2 dives at your apartment building too? Tell it to the judge half my age.
--NASA “Space Junk” reentering the atmosphere on command is not a spacecraft piloted by froggy green aliens, but you are free to call the Premier Radio Network and make the allegation. Me? I’m not that nuts.
--The Space Shuttle goes out of its way to go sonic BOOM over your head? They thankfully retired that expensive hunk of junk, son. (Did they light a liquid-fueled rocket and slingshot around the Moon? Why would they photograph NASA trash on the moon? Sorry I know, and I hope the Chinese get there and narc you out—soon).
--To the surprise of all, George W. Bush may drop his paintbrush and admit under oath the Secret Service helicopter hovered until I came out to play. You too? Highly doubtful, son, and I will not discuss the thingy mounted on the aircraft and certain white SUV’s. I apologize for knowing what it is without behaving anything like Ed Snowdon.
--Do you hear fighter jets approaching and run to the window? Almost clipped the KFUO tower, boys? Not okay! (To change the classical music format while I’m stuck in LA). Not in HughesWorld™
--Conducting a business meeting but looking directly at Hughes? After a proper introduction, she said, “Where am I?” I replied, “Clayton, Missouri. I used to live here.” Must be jet lag, or something in the Ritz Carlton coffee. She then jogged north on South Grand. Fellows, a man must decide things like, “Would you like to slowly remove the leather pants, or red shorts?” Do you have my kind of problems? I hope not.

Brain Cancer
Charles Evans Hughes, Jr.
Edward “Ted” Kennedy
(Need more? Nope)

Weird Blood Disorders
Rory Gallagher (Great uncle?)
Doris Hearing (Aunt)
Carol Hughes (Cousin)
(Need more? Nope)

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