Sunday, November 29, 2015

Start YELLING in the Alley

I saw that movie.

Yes, it is WEST of Pennsylvania Avenue [Where I will never live], EAST of Minnesota [Where Helen & Bob lived], NORTH of Robert [Which “Bob?”], and SOUTH of Blow [Slang for cocaine, and no, I don’t have any, there never will be any in here, and as for the possibility your “Authorities” are way into graft, corruption, spying, lying, and an occasional sneaky MURDER, this does not affect me].

Hey Twitter twats with big rifles, I’ve got news for you! The Government can, and maybe will, take your guns away. More shot & killed cops? You will be disarmed, and don’t lay that ESP-Flying Saucer/Premier Radio Network crap on me. I’m not an insecure, PMS-stricken, psychopathic, violent idiot bitch, like you. Boyfriend in the military? He probably enlisted to get away from you! How about a Constitutional convention to rock your world? Scary “Minorities,” scheming intellectuals, computer scientists, and peaceful urban folk outnumber you—by a lot. There go your guns! All gone!!

And now, some of the run-up to another close scrape with Armageddon, when I distinctly remember, based only on ”open source” publications like The New York Times and The Nation, saying: “Wow Gayle, if that Russian regional commander hadn’t kept his finger off the button, we might not be here.” This explains my future real estate, or lack thereof, and I am not at liberty to explain how.

Don’t tell me Howard sent-in the false “bogeys.” Fair readers and Google staff with funny accents, I’m already fairly certain that is true, which explains my lack of visitors with holiday greetings. {“Fuck you” is rude, and not politically correct for Yuletide} Maybe when “we” all get together, it is surely lawful to wonder why the Hughes Glomar Explorer’s radio call letters are my initials, plus a “G.” It’s all at your Area Code 314 public library with spies “up in there” packed like sardines, but you have to know where to look.

Happy Chanukah!!

“The evidence before this committee and some of the activities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency consisted of story after story of abusive practices. The FBI, an arm of our Government, engaged in what was tantamount to a private war against one individual--not a criminal, just a man who spoke out against injustice. The CIA, an arm of our Government, locked Mr. Hughes in a cell, a "vault" for 3 years. For 3 years this agency kept a man in solitary confinement without resort to legal process and under conditions designed to break his mind and his spirit. In addition, the CIA made a number of efforts to kill the leader of a foreign nation and joined forces with organized crime so that they might better accomplish their goal. We must never permit these agencies to dishonor us in like manner again.”

       Christopher Dodd (1978)

“Today the Soviet people and the American people have a common foe—the threat of a war incomparable with the horror we went through previously. This war may perhaps not occur through evil intent, but could happen through miscalculation. Then nothing could save mankind.

I shall not pass judgment on the peculiarities of the American political system. Nevertheless, why is it that every election campaign, especially the presidential campaigns, must be accompanied by ant-Soviet statements? It is probably far easier to appeal to chauvinism and to other such sentiments than to tell the truth.”

       Yuri Andropov (1983)

“Maybe they are poisoning those guys. They just keep dying off.”

       Frank Dutton (1985)

“Get away from the door. What are you doing here? What do you want?”

       Bill Hughes (1985)

Hope springs eternal

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