Monday, November 16, 2015

The War of the Rodents 2001 - ????

What is the Pentygon to do in view of ObamaAmerica’s new Putin-approved isolationist tilt? [Yet there is plenty of involvement with boatloads of Syrians ready to take your job because their dream was to come here, so they studied hard when you did not, and the boatlift is absolutely free]. Seems to me I had hungry Cubans at my door in 1980, Bosnians upstairs during Pax Clintonia, when I committed a Bush 43 Vietnamese guy, the whole family thought they could live on Unit 3E, and when I was asked to pick up extra hours doing family therapy for 2004 refugees, I said, “I’m unhappy living hand to mouth; but no thanks.” Where were they from? Does it matter? Son, I had a J-O-B back then. I really did.

Now, our long retired spies have reported movement of an old NASA-Langley jet. The F-14 now on a mission has no weapons, but has nonetheless been “tasked” with tossing some cinder blocks out the window to hit Islamic State supply lines under direction of French Intelligence. [Targeting? This will prevent me from purchasing a car, if you get what I mean, girls]. This also just in. The old Hughes property in California is ramparting-up to deliver more piston-driven “spy planes,” hopefully to better spot the Citroens, Peugeots, and Fiats in Belgium they already knew about. Too slow? Shot down? On the contrary, this will be cost overrun city, and the beginning of an enduring friendship with A-10 pilots who drink a lot and drive too fast. Shame on them! Given new war-fighting expenditures, I’d better get down to the SSA office and apply for my “Crazy Check” before all of the Con~gressional Dept. of Homeland Hogs cause the .gov to run out of money, like with EU Poor Boy Greece. My advice? Raise the debt ceiling again, and avoid needless rioting.
More NASA lies? "We'll try to get you in there." Later, be sure to steal the phone. Do I remember your NAME, Nazi Rocket Boy? Note that per usual, that guy in he aircraft is not Howard Hughes, but it looks like him. The carnival workers said to me? "Hey, we saw a guy who looks just like you." Later, the "Other William" & Catherine visited there. Another "coincidence" among thousands.

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