Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My New Job is at The Onion

I'm no fool. This is an old Star Trek set outside of Simi.
It's not? Let's go girl!

Vetting Veterans Post

Missouri Football Coach Shot, Killed

“Tragic Mistake,” Says Nixon

Andrea Leadbetter

Columbia November 11, 2015 (UFO)—Veterans Day celebrations were cancelled on the troubled University of Missouri campus after a traffic stop during which Gary Pinkel, 55 was shot and killed by a University of Missouri police officer in a case of mistaken identity. Officer Rahwon Siki was advised incorrectly that the coach was a fleeing felon and fired into a vehicle when the Missouri football coach refused to exit his car. The campus had recently been in turmoil due to allegations of …TIME-SPACE-CONTIUUM WARP…

The mafia Panavision camera finds a guy who looks a lot like Bill Hughes on the Columbia Missouri redneck as hell Lilly-white 1975 campus. He enters the firetrap rooming house Hollywood carpenters have constructed quickly, because the real one is certainly gone. After a buddy is not there, we tour the engineering building that is likely still there. The vegetarian sub? The bar featuring a band that is still playing out—yawn—in Saint Louis during December? In “The {Iran-Contra} Loop?” And, and how about Stephens College, which in that era was just like Animal House where certainly Holly Jew Boy includes a scene where Julie hides Bill in the room, only to be “busted” by the dorm mommy. So Julie, after roughly a dozen pitchers of cheap beer, slept in her room, Hughes in the car. No cop would dare bother a sleeping Hughes in his Datsun back then. Today? As was said in the 1970’s, “We’re not going there.”

How about we go to the airplane junkyard Bill already found in Utah, run a power cord with correct amperage & voltage to the front of the airplane, and if you don’t behave yourselves, instead of:

“We’ve lost vertical control of our airplane”
(Full of liberals, right Mormon airman?)

You are going to get it right between the Jose Oquendo “secret weapon” eyes with:

“Okay, left turn to one eight zero. Left turn, okay?”
(Nixon ordered JFK killed and got away with it? 
Surely not a “news story” to the average Pod Boy and Sex Kitten in USA under 30) 

[F.B.I. stole documents from the wreckage, a C.I.A. idiot who survived was wearing a parachute, but no one cared, and this Canadian went in what federal office on what day? 07-31-2006 Can you spell “terrorist?” You don’t know “180” refers to what direction you are traveling, and to comical .mil spooks who littered air disasters with “Hughes did it” clues? It’s also “One, Howard’s Pilot License” to crazy military types who should, as my very civilian uncles said, be “Lined-up and shot.” This is not the Department of State’s job, but they sure do, as they say in California, “Kill ‘ya sneaky.” I can, and many will, allege rampant U.S.-sponsored terrorism in additional EU languages when I get the hell O-U-T of Saint Louis, Missouri].

Number Kooks, it was microfilmed on 03-12-71, and you can read it too!

£There was no public hearing, and you scummy sailors should fear the possibility of a “Watergate figure” being allowed to stay alive in the Opaque Police State/Military Dick Tater Ship. My phone works, last I checked, and Watergate did bother me, Alabama Rockers. Rand Paul? Too frank. Did you read his rather short bill covering the NSA? It’s on the net, soldier.

Dita who?

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