Friday, November 6, 2015

HH in NV

"Johnny! Johnny! Where the hell is Johnny? Johnny, get over there and tell those bastards I cannot run a business with this shit going on. Why the fuck can’t they do that shit underground? That crap is no good for ‘ya. They think it’s okay? Did God give them a brain? Those fuckers are nuts! My building is shaking! You fuckers are scaring my guests! What the hell is that? People want to have a good time in this town. Why the fuck won’t they stop that shit? Bob! Bob, get me a goddamn plane. I don’t care which one! Just get a fucking plane, man. Bob’s not here? Well get him on the fucking phone. Where am I going? Why do you care? Since when do you give a shit? Bob? Hello, this is Howard. Howard Hughes, and don't be fucking with me today. I got so many problems today I can't count 'em. Now Bob, I don’t want to hear it. Bob! I’m getting in the goddamn plane, and you are gonna tell Haldemann that I’m tired of all this shit out here. Jesus Christ! It’s getting to the point where a man can’t make a legit dollar out here. Man, I’m getting rid of these dumps someday. More trouble than it's worth! How’s Billy doing?"

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