Friday, November 20, 2015

Press, Press, Pull

"Anything else you need this evening, Mister Hughes?" 
- TWA (1977)
Can you do the math, Military Motherfucker?

Hey Soldier! Did Howard Hughes write some of those Three Stooges shorts? Why did workaholic Charlie Hughes find time to arrive home early from the office and watch them with Billy in early 1964? Something had taken place in Dallas a few months prior. What happened? You need a Charter school, numskull! The many “Columbia Clues?” Not here, soldier / sailor / I.S. mercenary.

From the Late William Hughes’ personal correspondence:

“As you can read, if you desire, the last cogent word from the UA 553 crew is, “I’m sorry.” I’m sorry I know why these damn airplanes go down. I was on a 727-200 once. The motherfucker took every inch of concrete to get that piece of shit in the air, and a barbed wire fence was observed out the window a few feet under the fuselage. Where? Tell me they don’t know who is onboard in Houston, Texas. How about we call Baker Hughes on “speakerphone?” You are allowed to laugh. They won’t be able to find my oily pals Linda, Sarah, or an attorney, I predict.” (From my U-Tube that is only a delusion). BTW, I congratulate my you know who's at "Anonymous" for going to war with I.S. rodents. Someone can thank me in the U.K."

"The People’s Transportation Safety Bored is now in session. Regarding the mass-murder and flight crew suicide on December 8, 1972 near Chicago-Midway Airport, at flaps 15 and takeoff thrust, the aircraft should have safely executed a missed approach and 'go around.' It did not because of a supposedly 'secret' military weapon that for convenience shall be here referred to by using the Paramount Studios Star Trek term, which is, 'Tractor Beam.' The aircraft slowed and crashed with full power applied to two Pratt & Whitney JT8D engines because it was 'stuck' in such a field that was 1972 science fact, not fiction. There was no icing. Wind/wind shear was not a factor. There was no mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic failure on the airplane. UA 553’s Captain was fully aware of the terror event in progress, thus his last words were, not surprise or an obscene exclamation, but these two words: 'I’m sorry.' No, he was not. As with many more subsequent 'accidents,' entire passenger jets have been brought down to kill several 'targets' on board, or even one passenger. This demonstrates a total disregard for human life to effect a U.S. intelligence agency/Mafia 'termination.' This weapon remains in use, and calls for no less than the resignation of the entire United States Cabinet. As with Watergate, the Vice President becomes the president, and he or she chooses a Vice President. He or she in turn should resign, and the new president appoints a Cabinet. Do not fly in commercial or private aircraft. It is unsafe, regardless of what screening may be done on the ground."

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