Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bobby McComb: Killed by the VC Cops

 Ready to vote on your pod, girls? So many new vistas of rigging elections.
Charlie Evans won in 1916! I'm not related, however. 

July 4, 2015

William C. Hughes
216 Nagel Ave.
St. Louis, MO  63111

Bobby Jindal
Governor of Louisiana
Baton Rouge, LA

Dear Governor Jindal:

Do you Republicans ever know how to piss-off what I call a “Cold War Liberal.” First, since most modern day politicians, you included, seem to be spewing what this Hughes has termed BrainJacked™ nonsense, why not waste time, motions, and postage to explain what I mean. (If the masters of printed matter at USPS deliver this damn letter).

A “Full Employment” economy means no more than 6% actively looking for work, without a stupid war of occupation in progress. A “Job” means one job that pays all of the bills. “Health Insurance?” The company is supposed to pay for that, sir. A “Student Loan” is so the middle-class kid may borrow, go to college for four years, and get the aforementioned job, so they never again ask me for a cigarette in front of that filthy disgrace of a train station in Los Angeles, California.

Get it? Oh, excuse me for not being one of the practitioners of new postmodern politico-babble, where shit happens, like poor Bernie Sanders having to interrupt a supposedly liberal NPR talking head to say, “Wait a minute. First, let me answer the question.” My Air Force Colonel daddy’s girlfriend heard it; I doubt she repeated it. This Hughes was listening to post-9/11 reporting from NPR. When she asked why I did not like them, I said, “Bush laid-off everyone but the spies.”

Which brings me to the many frequencies in this metro area I call “Kook Christian radio stations.” I’m biased? Insensitive? No, I actually listen to the politics & preaching, leading up to having heard your platitude and shibboleth-filled speech to the Western Conservative Summit.$ How about we talk about the many supposed “good people” who approached me while California “homeless” to:

--Allege Catholics are not Christians.
--Lay hands on me without permission and pray.
--Make promises not kept.
--Offer jobs and disappear.
--Suggest I join their Bible study group with less than $5.00 to my name.
--Argue about who was tossed to Roman lions for Jesus. I maintain they were early Catholics, as I call for the Pope to sell some artwork and abolish his position.

Organized religion? This Hughes walked away from that in 8th grade. Can we agree what I call “Bible Thumping” does not raise the GDP? What does? Investment; so I guess all Hughes capital remains not mine until  some drunk Russian soldier or Obama-loving Negro shoots my ass. Did I mention I was thinking of moving a downsized BAKER HUGHES to Baton Rouge? Your big immigrant mouth did what? Now, they are all to be shuttered. Closed. (HUGHES NETWORK SYSTEMS, HOWARD HUGHES MEDICAL INSTITUTE, AND BAKER HUGHES). The three location battle cry? “I’ve got a court order! Everybody out of my building—now!!”

Who helped in downtown LA? Spooks, drunks, dope dealers, ex-cons, thieves, gangsters, killers, actors/actresses, Hughes Aircraft retirees, mysterious foreigners, and U.S. politician kinfolk. The lesson learned? Like Howard Robard before me, “Trust no one.” C-O-U-R-T. Wouldn’t I love to get the Culver City Sergeant on a  witness stand who said, “Oh, so you’re one of those guys.” My reply was, “No, I’m the guy.” H-U-G-H-E-S.

A reasonable man I am, and I’m in need of no mood stabilizers, like Senate buddy John McCain. Given I must do business in USA while using the terms “Mafia Democrats” and “RepubliNazis” to anyone who will participate in an actual political discussion, how about this? The omnipotent “they” entered my house and took a copy of my letter to Missouri’s governor asking him to impersonate a Food Stamp recipient. You? How about the Bevo Mill area, where black guys do not like people who look like you.

No state cops, just you and me on the bus stop, pal. Trouble? They just opened a new police substation within sprinting distance. Ready? “This is the governor of Louisiana, and some dudes down the block said they were going to ‘Fuck us up’.” They might get off their butts, they might not. I await a swift reply in the Land of Opportunity.

A not related to Charles Evans,

William C. Hughes       

$ My ex-wife / San Jose, CA born leftist / U. of IN professor called my dough a “million jillion dollars.” Have faith; I’m so outraged at Democrats (save Sanders) about all that separates me from GOP is this: The Welfare State. Can’t get rid of it unless you want USA like 1917 Russia.

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