Friday, October 30, 2015

HillaryCare Scare

Love those Mena, AR perfect "mafia teeth." On the (R) side, there's not much to be done about looking like the green hued alien at the end of the original Star Trek show. Can't fix that.

Long ago, the hospital executive-professor said, “You ought to have that published.” (I’m sure I can’t find him). Later, the Dean said, “Here’s how you do it.” (I’m sure I can’t find him).  His daughter I worked with? (I could not find her). The journal that published the “Hughes is Smarter Than Hillary” paper is in Boston. (I’m sure I can find Massachusetts). Many have read it, but you’d have to go to the Moorpark College Health Science library, where my Hollywood helpers nap and pretend to be “students.” Someone stole that issue? Call out the deputies!

They like to talk “spooky,” and here is how it goes when you are Hughes and wandering California. The doctor is named KING, and badmouthed PSA tests, so the big needle sat unused, I departed with my vitamins, and a guy in the waiting room said, “Have a chicken sandwich.” It was from yet another fine North Carolina corporation. Yes, it is true I offered to buy my ex-Klingon one of their bargain sandwiches, but he said, “I can’t eat that” and drove off in a black Eldorado. (Always leased when pretending to be rich).

Has the FDA outlawed fast food yet? What are they selling? “Corn syrup and grease” I used to say in the California McDonald’s line. How about a tax on the Big Mac to pay for health care after the GOP scraps ObamaCare? The fries are good for you? Don’t they allege that for every generation of stoned zombies in search of munchies? The inexpensive soft drink is as big as an oil drum, and your crew-cut brat has diabetes? I, for one, am not confused. Actually, as with 9/11, and many bad, bad, I mean really bad laws, I am quite sure it was all concocted, written-up, and not passed by your Con_gress when Bill Clinton showed off that national socialist health card.

Where is Newt Gingrich? Being spied on? Good! I had health insurance in 1994, well before BJC spent the entire Wash U. endowment. They didn’t? Borrowed it from Chinese mafia? I’d at least pay the interest when Black Monday comes. At half the federal poverty level, I had nothing to do with it. Nurse, may I have a free flu shot? I’m not a communist, and neither is Bernie Sanders. Right wing Gun Nuts, I’m sure the Senator would pass my “Hughes Donut Test,” as follows:

“Bernie, should the donut shop owner sell his donuts for more than the cost of making them?”
“Of course.”


We’ll get to “socialist” when 70 I.Q. Soldier Boy lowers his rifle and goes away.


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