Friday, October 23, 2015

Hurricane PatriC.I.A.

I’ve attached my e-mail text that went to the AZ ABC TV station.

Why would I be pissed/miffed/livid/angry/not happy with print media that is no longer in print?

About a year and a half ago, Post-Dispatch scribe BILL MCCLELLAN said: “Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

About eight months ago, Bill said to Bill Hughes, “It’s been nice talking with you,” strongly implying I’m going someplace, with no driver’s license, no car, and no accomplices.

Did I mention I was Mr. McClellan’s “background source” for some seamy mental health related articles he receives a salary for writing? Me? A bunch of crap under a Republican named Bush and a Democrat named 

Want some ESP?

I foresee an outraged DONALD TRUMP ejected from the GOP convention hall. He will allege they are “goons” and run for p……

As an Independent candidate. My top secret countermeasure?

The clue is: “Ed forgot to file the papers.”

In that event, the two (I) candidates are the race, and as for your mysterious Electoral College, this Brit has been gunning for that ever since a high school teacher said, “Theoretically, you could end up with a President and Vice President from different parties.”


Ask Rand Paul ( R )-KY for a free copy of Tom Jefferson’s work. He had sex with slave girls? Terrible! Horrible man! I’ve been told by someone who would know I’ll like New Zealand when I get some of my own damn MONEY.

I’m running for office? No, I’m in the truck like an NFL football broadcast. This is why the elders of our family made the kids watch The Wizard of Oz every holiday season. Not until 2020? I’ve always wanted to meet a Prague prostitute.


Jeb Bush is out of money? Man, has the world gone bonkers?

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