Sunday, October 11, 2015

I Don't Like Paul Ryan

Here's how you do it, Con_gressional kids.
(I can't help these people)
[Without a lift to D.C. Any volunteers?]

"Bill, we'd like to know why." Does it have something to do with walking to Howard Johnson's in Madison when it was thirty below zero? The neighbor was named "Tracy," and he did not get it. The boss inquired "Are we having fun yet?" and he did not get it. The bank president smoked cigs and discussed a merger, but he did not get it. The "help" included Princess who? Seductive neighbor "Rosemary" married and had kids in California. The Cubans tried to break down the door, and he did not get it? The airline people stood around wondering, "When is he going to get it?" The OZARK AIRLINES man went to work for American. The REPUBLIC AIRLINES goose died. The NORTHWEST AIRLINES guy retired and moved to Alaska but did not die on AA261.

What's that, soldier?
JULIE has the schedule.
She's been drinking?
Hope not. 

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