Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Early Bird Gets The Worm

One more Emmis airing of "Paint It Black?" The gun shop is on St. Charles Rock Road.
"Just the facts, ma'am." 

Let’s see…I could call the Brits and complain. Or, how about a strangely sympathetic Republican Senator? Or, I could beg for money on the web. Bob’s right down the block, and he’s got an old car that might pass inspection. Then, who’s driving to stand in line for the tax waiver? Hmm. Why didn’t you ask Lohan for a damn phone number? It as a set-up to call the cops, wasn’t it? Amy has got to get the screenplay. How? When? You did the right thing. Later, the cops said it was okay, but not. If it were not for Jeff and Dino you’d be dead. Why did the Jeff Bridges Starbucks extent their hours? Go see Steve Hilton and yell. Aw, that won’t work, but he is nearby. How could a Ho Jo cook show up there all of those years later? He was very into cleaning the galley, and when in Westlake he locked the doors to piss off poor Hughes. Was that girl who ran by a robot or some government agent who spends too much time in a health club? There are no cyborgs, but that is the name of a restaurant where Charlie would lunch with old bats who don’t talk too much. Hmmm. How about that gal who wants to stream video and talk it over? If I had read every damn audio magazine that had piled-up I still would not know how. Just make a damn porno flick. That’s what they want, then…I wonder if the FEC file database will work if I override Wilbur’s virus catching program. Nah, then the computer will crash and you’ll have to pay $80 an hour for Hugh to fix it, or you could UPS it to Roger. Hmm, it works and does not crash, you could close the PAC. Who put a virus in a federal download? Maybe they don’t want you to close the PAC at the SS. Why not a new one? What if the cops don’t know about some of this Hughes Aircraft crap? I thought it was like Dick Tracy where they’ve got that stuff already. Can’t call and ask, The fbi cares about sex trafficking? Yeah, it’s a great way to pick up underage girls. At least someone agreed to bring some damn cigs. Hillary and Bernie are running together, I’d bet. Certain defeat because of neocon disgust with ObamaCare and Iraq shit. Maybe I can go to an urgent care place and exaggerate. Barnes? No way. Maybe the 14 day trial will find an agent or producer’s correct address with 10 G of bandwidth on the android thingy. Maybe a VC kook would come here and park an expensive car in front of the house. Aw shit, then I’m a drug dealer for sure, and they’d have weed, which is not quite legal here yet, and then, here come the cops. But, if she left the keys or clicker thing, while she’s in jail, you could ride around like a big-shot in a big Lexus SUV or Mercedes, and…who could lend me a car to get a Driver’s License?


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