Saturday, October 24, 2015

"I just got out of jail, and..."


[Deputy, I did not steal them, you did!]

--All pleasantly scented LUTHERAN COMMUNITY CARE CENTER pinched from expensive hotels by mafia mom's & dad's hygiene products (shampoo, soap, deodorant, skin lotion, sun block, toothpaste, toothbrush, NO CONDOMS-yet)

--Bag of food I
--Bag of food II
--Phone numbers
--Phone numbers II
--Bag of food III
[Homeless stealing from homeless? Nope, LA Copper & DeputyDawg want a Snickers Bar with delusional "secret codes" from the Secret Service, who are swarming. Why? Talk to me on the train when you buy me a ticket].

--Samsung phone [Is my outline of the nasty got you by the balls & cunt hairs serious book on the Secret Service safe, Jason? I read it to Bob, who I accused of being a big-time drug dealer. And where do you think my new toothbrush came from?]

Fair Editors, it really is Howard's grandson, and if I had the money, the ad would read:

"Give back the Hughes Samsung cell phone stolen in front of Union Station with the minutes used up, and there will be no questions asked. Reward? That requires money."

Run it anyway! Complimentary? Gratis? No way to contact me without the phone. However, the same number is going on my AT&T phone the Jet Propulsion Laboratory gave me. This also requires money. Not them? Contact JPL in Pasadena and I think they will confirm it.

Not a "news story?"
Suit yourself.

William C. Hughes 

Typed August 25, 2013
And who brought the train fare?
She said, regarding Missourah:
"Are you sure?"

"Officer, my I.D. floated down the Los Angeles River, and everyone has been too busy with something or other for three fucking years, so no one has been able to take me to get a..."

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