Thursday, October 29, 2015

John and Lern Will Explain
Dear KLOS –

After the show, KSHE jocks will be giving a streaming PodCast on Erving Goffman and symbolic representation at 10 a.m. Over at KPNT, the “shock jock” crew will conduct a panel discussion this afternoon at 1 p.m. on smuggling methods to transport “weed” across the bridge to Missouri when idiots on SSI are buying it legally in Illinois. Mr. Hughes will be calling the Crick e.t. to discuss how the fu^king data manager does not show my data consumption after paying the bill, and “we” are not going on-line to track the big rip-off, rather, Antoine’s black ass will be on the utility pole hooking-up the Charter Communications cable pronto.

While on the pole, Hughes is legally allowed to ask, “Why did those bastards run to Connecticut the minute I got off the train?” Antoine will play dumb, I predict. When it is time for Jillian’s show, the phone will ring across the hall and Hughes will report to the neoconservative Queen of the Universe, and let us be perfectly clear Todd Rundgren is not going out with her, because he is too old and probably hiding on a pot farm in Hawaii due to transgressions against the Warner Brothers, and mysterious persons unknown to The Hughes. I have not yet decided how to mount the Paramount execs and ^uck them ober.

Good day,


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: These e-mail addresses are fictional, as with all of the "government agents" and "cops" bothering the BlogMaster and violating every right a government has ever granted to a man. Laws? Their credo is: "We got away with it, so it's okay."

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