Friday, October 16, 2015


Outside agitators, that's Darlene in the center.

This Hughes keeps up with the news, as with my fiancé Darlene Green telling large multinational conglomerates and powerful rich guys she’s not paying for another stadium. It’s always “Back to the Future” in St. Louis, as not so long ago I told Charlie I did not want to pay for the Edward Jones Dome. A civic booster he was, as I then had to sit through a recitation of all the multifaceted uses of the dome. I recall saying, “Maybe a few preacher and dentist conventions,” and there’s always a big tractor pull on the redneck event schedule. Moving along to local Geospatial .mil renegades, only St. Louis would eminent domain a large chunk of the town to keep them and their secretive jobs in Missouri. It’s no secret they e-mailed a threat to me when I told them I’d put Hani’s landing strip on a book jacket. You don’t know Hani? The 9/11 hijacker pilot who retired to Scottsdale! Hey, if engineers can holler “explosion” to explain the WTC collapse, I could help them by finding video of the “hijacked” plane landing safely.

Yes, Hughes actually attended a Rams game, was not impressed with the cheerleaders, and was heard to say it looked “cheap.” As for why we took the MetroBus to the game and departed afterward in a cab, perhaps my chum had spotted assassins unknown to the Hughes. As for the predecessor football Cardinals, Charlie said, despite countervailing opinions, that owner Bill Bidwell was not nuts, just an “odd duck.” His theory was that the early gift of an NFL franchise kind of messed-up his mind, unlike this correspondent and Hughes Tool Company; still running wild as Stock Symbol “BHI.” Now, the town may have no team at all, so perhaps Christopher “Kit” Bond could come out of retirement to find some cash, but judging by the big runway and lack of airplanes out at Lambert, it may be wasted in a futile effort. Mid-America Airport? An even bigger boondoggle, but at least they still have a few flights to Florida (drugs) or Las Vegas (whores). Where’s my boarding pass? 

My Agoura Hills, CA log-in code for robot prevention was "Sean Connery." This does not buy a donut, but even I get it.

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