Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mysterious Methodologies

After 400 mg of Ibuprofen and some sleep, I'm ready to turn myself in to the U of MO campus kops for trying to find my old Unit 3E psychologist who thought the drop-down tabs would be better than writing the same crap every day at 9, and she had me fix a leak in her Lexus, and then...

I was not an Ohura man. It was Nurse Chapel. And she was who? The producer's wife and the computer voice. Does MethBoy know she died? Why did a 1969 version of Hughes lust after her? SHE GOT ALL OF GENE'S MONEY. As with many things, this blogger wonders, "Where did the money go?

Let us go to Los Angeles and be BrainJacked.

"Hughes, Star Trek never made any money."

And who bought what studio?

Mom knew Ms. Ball and she was nuts?
Don't think so. 
Good old Desi knew Charlie Hughes?
Of course he did!

BH - You tell 'em, Fisher!!!
 Ed already has my new phone number! Caroline's hubby has two Ph.D's. I've got an MSW, dude.

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