Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Coffee or Ice With Your Virus?

My own photo from 2009 Thousand Oaks

“Maybe it’s the phone company, like in that movie.”
"You’re knocked out.”

A lawsuit has been filed against Starbucks over ice?
Gather around for another true story.

Let’s skip to the time-release animal tranquilizer that was in my coffee. The woman who warned me was later seen jogging North on South Grand by the Cricket store. Make of this what you wish. Both TED CRUZ and BERNIE SANDERS should heed what was said to me about Truth + POTUS job. “You’ll get your ass killed.”

How about governor of the state where I asked the state cop, “How fast can you go in that car?”
St.L Lunatics, she told me.
MethBoys, she said, “We don’t use spikes.”
When I asked, "How do you catch them?”
The answer was?
“We don’t.”



Steal! Steal!! Steal!!!

“Let’s see…to change the ending again, sailors, I need to write a scene where he has a meeting with an old dude senator who is an orator like Robert Byrd, only sexier like Lloyd Bensten, and the character says, “I don’t really want that job,” but he’s talked into it by the candidate. Later, when the WGA can’t find half of my registered copy of this gem at gunpoint, the LA cop who responds will say, ‘You’d better find the screenplay,’ and then….”

Blocking my call to AM 790? Taking over the world? [That's a "No, No" AT&T]

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